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  1. What was that team in h4 with Ninja, Goofy, Ryanoob and a 4th? A squad with those 3 could be successful
  2. Prediction: Heinz and Ola team up, snag APG from Noble Black and a random 4th That is, if EG doesn't drop Lethul for Ola
  3. T2 overreacted but your tweet was mean spirited and him being offended is justified. You can say you were just joking but what you did was disrespectful and you desevered to be confronted.
  4. they discuss you? they probably talk about how ignorant you are
  5. Now would be a good time for pros to stop screaming "RAPE" at the top of their lungs every game
  6. That is the best Str8 Rippin squad in a long time but I dont see how any team is going to beat the pistola/snip3down duo
  7. I knew Ambush wouldnt last, but I didnt think Formal would be the first to go. No doubt in my mind that it's Roy as the new 4th edit: Formal might be trolling...
  8. inb4 Roy to Ambush best bet is Heinz gets dropped
  9. 1. Ambush 2. Classic 3. Requiem 4. BTH 5. Infamous 6. GMM 7. RC 8. SQ
  10. Those things happen at pretty much every tourney lol
  11. Pure got knocked out LbR3.... That's what you get for dropping Platinum
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