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  1. I like your attitude man, I am trying so hard to get into this pro league! Hit me up GT: Reject Flaws
  2. Rice Bowl, its Reject Flaws we played a couple of times in FFA and I am champion as well, would you be interested in running possibly!? GT: Reject Flaws
  3. I have been king for a really dedicated team! Put me on the list GT: Reject Flaws
  4. Hey everyone, currently Rouge esports is looking for one player for the challenger series, we want a person who is dedicated, willing to learn with us, and stick with the team. If you want to go pro sticking with one team and learning is the best way to do it. If you have any questions or you want to try out please contact these gamer tags: Lumy, Reject Flaws, K3VO. We want the best players we can find, you need to have some exp. playing in the Halo competitive scene so please know team chemisrty! Please contact us when you can, thank you.
  5. Hey everyone, I am currently looking for a team of 3, I have been in the Halo competitive scene for a little while now but overall I am trying to find positive teammates who are willing to go throught thick and thin as a team. I want to be in HCS just as bad as everyone else but to get there you have to take those baby steps in order to get better, I am a high onyx in all of the playlists so let me know if you are interested! GT: Reject Flaws
  6. Keep The Change
  7. Hey guys, I really want to compete in doubles again as well as 4v4s if you are a well expierenced doubles player who has played GBs for a while please hit me up, looking for dedication and the right mindset, please put your ego aside or I will get rid of you anyway my GT: Reject Flaws
  8. Hi everyone, currently I have a team of two. I am looking for another team of two who would be interested in teaming, the player I have right now is a champion in arena and slayer. To be honest I am looking for highly skilled players who have been in the comp scene for a while now. I hope who ever wants to team puts their ego aside and learns more, there's always more room to learn even when you don't see it, also make sure you ask yourself "Is this something I want to do?" We are looking for passionate people who want the drive to be a competitive player and have positive attitudes. I am currently under the name "Filthy Animals" which started out as a Spartan Company and now is branching off into YouTube and now HCS, we have a mix of 343 employees in our mist but their names will remain unknown until I find the proper players. If you have any questions or regards please contact me on my Gamertag: Reject Flaws
  9. Hello, my name Austin or you can call me Reject, I am currently 20 years of age and I am looking for players who are willing to become pro in Halo. Now this is going to take time, effort, and a good attitude to complete. I know coming on the fourms trying to find well thought out players is a hard thing but honestly I want to do this and this is something I grew up playing. So please if you have a hard working state of mind and you want to make a name for yourself contact me on xbox my GT: Reject Flaws. Be able to go through a lot and don't give up!
  10. Hi Halo players, I am Reject or Austin Miles. I am currently 20 years of age and on the road to become a Halo pro, I have been working hard each and every individual day to become a very good Halo player. A lot of people I see try to not put the work in and just want everything so fast, you have to work for something you want, in this world work isn't easy. I have been hitting road blocks here and there on the road but I have been pulling myself through everything and I will not stop until I reach my goals in my life, I have been playing Halo since the beginning and becoming a pro is something I want. I know this might sound like talk to others but I am just explaining myself, have the right attitude and work ethic and you'll be able to accomplish anything! I just want to thank you if you stuck through this and read it! It means a lot for the support thank you! GT: Reject Flaws -Austin Miles
  11. Hey everyone, I just wanted to say I am looking for a well dedicated esports team for Halo, I have been playing Halo for a while now and I have been grinding for a ton of months. Honestly I keep running into the kids who don't want to work hard and get to HCS as fast as they can which will never happen, I am tired of the fake people who want to become pros, put your ego aside and play hard and learn anyway sorry for all that but I am looking for a well dedicated team who can be on all week at a certain time, I usually perfer my age limit to be 18+ because I am 20 so anyway hit me up if you are interested my GT: Reject Flaws.
  12. Hey Halo players, tonight I am looking for a scrim with my dubs partner, need practice for the 2v2 event tomorrow so please contact me if you need a scrim as well! My gamertag is: Reject Flaws
  13. Hey Halo players, I am currently looking for expierenced players who are familiar with competitive Halo I am a support player, I honestly work my butt off everyday to become a pro in the future! Honestly I never give up and I want to kee trying new things. I really want people with a good mindset and a want for this. Honestly hit me up on here with a message or contact me on Xbox GT: Reject Flaws, or my Skype: Mpmiles_1
  14. Hey everyone I just wanted to say that I have been having a lot of trouble finding loyal teammates and it's honestly a pain! Everyone wants to become a pro in a day and it doesn't work like that! I am currently looking for a team that needs a fourth player, don't contact me unless three of you have been teaming for a while I am sorry but currently I'm getting strict on the teams. Must be: -Champion or Onyx 1800 or higher! -GB Exp -Played with previous teams -Played Halo competitively for more than 2 years GT: Reject Flaws
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