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  1. I just want an open lan in chicago. Theres a ton of halo players here
  2. PragmaticX


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  3. optic beating CLG with their new fourth in the first match of the league would be like Leicester winning the premier league
  4. You were destroying with the sword in an Assault truth game I played against you
  5. Honestly wish there were 10 teams in the pro league. I really want Optic/liquid/elevate/and either soul or str8 rippin in the league
  6. How will the schedule for tommorow matches work? Are they going to play the matches for the first group then move on to the second group or are they going to broadcast the first round of every matchup of the two groups first?
  7. Halo 5 sniping has gotten to the point where I dont even freak out if I get a sick no scope, its so easy.
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