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  1. wait sorry can someone summarize the resolution to the Noble issue? they are now not attending, and Elevate is in their place?
  2. hah no, I'm legitimately curious. I know Huke had to stop competing in COD for age issues (he was/is 16?) but I can't find real info on him or the team
  3. Sorry off topic a bit, but exactly how old are all the guys on Denial?
  4. unlike every other team, EG can actually take games off of CLG, so they have a chance, but CLG definitely seems the better team recently (by a decent margin). Their slaying is just too good; they seem to hardly have to try again most pro teams
  5. based on Halo5Arena.com, EG went 10-1 against Noble last night (checked via using "Lookup" of Roy and Commonly; looks like Truth Slayer and Coliseum Slayer were skipped)
  6. watched about half of the EG-CLG scrim from Lethul POV. I think he lost maybe 1 1 v.1 the whole time; was at least 7-0 against Commonly
  7. anyone have a link to the bracket for this EU regional? cant figure out who is through so far
  8. Alleigance are not going to like having had that setup shown; the other teams now know exactly how they set up with the lead.
  9. I don't believe Snipedown has ever gone sub-only for the stream itself; it's only for re-broadcasts, which is completely different.
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