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  1. At least we got this hilarious meme lol
  2. Well, that was underwhelming trailer.
  3. I hope they remove spartan charge in this game
  4. Yeah i have no faith in this. It will be shit most likely
  5. Remember i played the game back in the day for a little bit. The mission structure was good *spelling error
  6. Buddy cop campaign with Palmer and Locke lol
  7. If you like souls franchise then yes you should play bloodborne Just remember Bloodborne are more fastpaced.
  8. “ Halo is master chief” For once I wish halo fanbase let the chief go. It’s time for something new for campaign since Master chief is overused. Edit: Here comes the downvotes
  9. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/halo-infinite-is-so-ambitious-it-needed-a-new-game/1100-6459811/?utm_source=reddit.com After Halo MCC and Halo 5 I’m sceptic. They need to prove it
  10. Halo infinite: Thanos’s return A buddy cop game with the chief and thanos. Full of blood and Gore.
  11. Or 4) People have no faith in 343/MS. My two cents
  12. To see halo fanbase pissed would be funny as hell lol
  13. Honest it’s time for 343 to kill off Master Chief. It’s time for something new
  14. Cannot wait for Spartan Charge, Armor lock, and Sprint LOL
  15. Dude the armor was one of the better ones in this flawed game. I have no emotional connection to classic style, sorry
  16. Gotta be honest here. The trailer was underwelming af. Nothing about this trailer was intresting.
  17. Phil spencer says lots of stuff so i don’t take him seriously. At this øoint I’m almost done with Xbox and halo brand.
  18. In order to solve the awful aiming you’ll need to pay 500 bucks? I’m almost done with MS/343 soon. Fuck this shit
  19. After the crossplay issue i wouldn’t say GAF have sony bias anymore. That being said GAF have holier than thou problem which need to be solved. Besides i wouldn’t put team beyond on a pedestal.
  20. Trust me you don’t wanna go there. It’s an shitstorm
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