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  1. Well, that was underwhelming trailer.
  2. I hope they remove spartan charge in this game
  3. Yeah i have no faith in this. It will be shit most likely
  4. Remember i played the game back in the day for a little bit. The mission structure was good *spelling error
  5. Buddy cop campaign with Palmer and Locke lol
  6. If you like souls franchise then yes you should play bloodborne Just remember Bloodborne are more fastpaced.
  7. “ Halo is master chief” For once I wish halo fanbase let the chief go. It’s time for something new for campaign since Master chief is overused. Edit: Here comes the downvotes
  8. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/halo-infinite-is-so-ambitious-it-needed-a-new-game/1100-6459811/?utm_source=reddit.com After Halo MCC and Halo 5 I’m sceptic. They need to prove it
  9. Halo infinite: Thanos’s return A buddy cop game with the chief and thanos. Full of blood and Gore.
  10. Or 4) People have no faith in 343/MS. My two cents
  11. To see halo fanbase pissed would be funny as hell lol
  12. Honest it’s time for 343 to kill off Master Chief. It’s time for something new

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