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  1. A local venue in town shut down. They are bringing all of their stuff here and going to start holding shows. We are basically going to be the largest music venue in Knoxville aside from the coliseums, etc. Keeping the gaming lounge and laser tag... it's going to be a pretty sick combo. We have a ton of huge shows coming up. Remember the pic I sent you from Waka Flocka, Sudd1? We'll have a lot more of that soon. I'm sure we'll be chatting soon bud.
  2. Ever been to one of the Full Sail MLG COD events? We will easily be able to match that scale of an event. Lighting, Production, Sound, etc. We have almost $100,000 just in audio and lighting heading our way. Not to mention, we will have a our cafe' and bar open for our next event. Come check us out when someone comes here to host a summer tournament.
  3. For the doubters.... We have worked with both GN and Iron Gaming on multiple occasions and can say they absolutely do pay out and have a great reputation at least with the events they've held here. I can say that from what I understand, this event will not be in Knoxville. However, those looking to come back to BfK.. we are doing some pretty crazy renovations and have turned one of our "Arenas" into a state of the art 2,000 person capacity venue with an actual stage that you'd see artists/bands perform on, as well as a VIP Suite. We actually just had Waka Flocka Flame in the house a couple weeks ago and have a few other huge names coming in soon. Next event we have in our house will 100 percent rival an MLG event. Give those Iron Gaming guys your love. They are genuine guys who, in our experience, will follow through with what they say. Good luck guys!
  4. Not enough interest for the Halo CE event.... So we went in with the UGC for Scott's event. We're still trying to keep Halo alive. We have plans for a ton of tournaments in 2014, but it all depends on how this next one goes! Hope to see some of the locals who surf these boards show up!
  5. Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/181410592068537/
  6. Hey guys! Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on a local we are doing here in a couple of weeks. Hope to see some of our Southeast area guys again! This is a local event aimed at reviving the local Halo 4 community. If you've played in one of our local events in the past, you know we always have a great time. Settings will be either V4 or V5 competitive settings. *To be determined and posted on this page by January 20th* Hosted by: Combat Refs GLITCH and GHOST! ALL future Halo events will depend on the turn out of this event. When: Saturday, Feb 1st -- Bracket cut-off is at 3pm with 1st Match to begin at 3:15. Where: 9333 Kingston Pike, 37922. BATTLEFIELD KNOXVILLE! How Much (Per Player): Advance: $12.50 Day of Event: $18 Payment can be accepted over the phone by calling our Combat Refs during business hours at 865-200-5762. PRIZE POOL: Unlike a few past events, this events prize pool will be solely based on attendance and given out the day of the event after the championship round. 6 Teams will Guarantee a MINIMUM prize of $200 for first place team. Maps / Settings will be revealed on Jan 20th. *DOUBLE ELIMINATION*
  7. I will say this much, Proverb and his little bro Austen have run two tournaments here under "Gamer Nation" (@GNProCircuit) Honest guys, and they always pay out (100 Percent Payout) on the Sunday that the tournament ends. The winners go home with the prize. If any Third Parties are looking to jump in with some honest guys who legit just want to help the community, no matter what venue they go to... you could trust them for sure. The UGC guys are also a company that we think very very highly of. Solid guys. I think they could run a great tournament as well considering they are very well equipped for it already. In all honesty, this community still has people in it that could pull something really great off. The pieces just need to fall in place and the demand has to be there for it to happen.
  8. We're actually doing a Halo 1 Tournament on Tube TV's using the old Xbox on Nov 16th. Also running a GoldenEye 007 (N64) Tournament that same day.
  9. That's our point. That's what we were trying to do. We didn't charge AGL anything for the first 2 AGL's because of the promise they would help get the players to purchase laser tag. Didn't work out that way (can't blame that on them, it just didn't work out how either of us predicted) so when we wanted to charge a $6 venue fee they moved to Michigan, Atlanta, and Indy. For now we're just running recreational type tournaments. Smash Bros, Injustice, heck even a Halo 1 Tournament in Nov on old tube TV's and original Xboxes. If we can be of help to keep this game (or Halo 3) alive until Halo 5, we'll always do our part.
  10. In all honesty, and maybe this is just because we would rather the community strive than to make a bunch of money... but I think making what the venue makes dependent on the attendance is an idea that makes sense if it's in a LAN Center. Obviously if it's a convention center or hotel, they won't care. But if it's in a LAN Center, this motivates the venue to help market and use any resources to bring in whatever local scene they may have. For instance, at Knox... we always had at least 10-12 local teams that were almost guaranteed to show up if we got the word out to them. A flat rate is nice, because it is a guarantee that the venue will get paid... but, I think what we were trying to do would have worked as well. (Around $6 per person is $24 per team. X 60 teams = $1440... whereas if the event flopped; $24 per team X 24 teams = $576.) ^ Allows for the payout to still remain as large as possible even if the event as a whole is a flop.
  11. ^^ We are still down for running something like this if the interest and help from a Third Party is there. (UGC / Gamer Nation / etc) Cancelled our original plan so we didn't interfere with AGL....
  12. As far as the power issues are concerned (the reason that the tournament was cancelled), we can actually speak to that being an issue we ran into as well. Those who were here early early on Friday morning of our first AGL can attest that we had an electrician here working overnight for 3-4 nights straight just to have it done by the morning of. We helped out AGL at AGL Nashville by bringing set ups and a couple of "refs". We also helped out at AGL Pitt. In Nashville, especially early on, anyone there can vouch that the venue was having several power issues. Too many stations on one circuit and *poof*... you blow a breaker. Foreseeing this issue, we spent our own money adding new *DEDICATED* circuits to our venue just for AGL's use to prevent such power issues ever happening. The Casters area had their own circuit, Mainstage had their own circuit, and we had enough circuits for every single station (up to 8 stations) out in our lobby area to all have separate circuits. We completely prevented even the possibility of having power issues. This is something that we saw in advance, so we as a venue took care of on our own. We also saw the "stage" that they used for Nashville and Pitt... so we built our own with our own money. (ironically it's shown on the front page as the Indy Cancelled pic) I can imagine convention centers and/or Marriott aren't going to throw money into a weekend event like we did. AGL had promised us that of the 400-500 kids attending, that at least half would play Laser Tag (this is actually how we make our money as a venue). At the first AGL held here, I think around 30-40 played. The 2nd event held here was around the same. To hold more events here we would need to charge a very very minimal venue fee. Instead of this, they chose the "FPS Fest" route as well as the option they have run into now. Granted, a $6-8 per person venue fee would still be much much less than anything they will pay at a convention center / hotel. Brad and Billy are great guys, I think in this they probably just weren't working with people who were as willing to meet them halfway as in the past. We really hope that the Halo Community makes it back out to Knoxville sometime. We loved having you here. Wether it's with AGL, UGC, MLG, GamerNation, UMG.. whoever... we absolutely loved having you guys here.
  13. We had originally planned a Halo 3 "Throwback" Event before AGL9 was announced. To keep from interfering with AGL we obviously cancelled it. We may be done hosting Halo 4 events for a minute. But, If we decided to do something like this, would the interest be there? Just trying to gauge if we would keep it smaller (like our usual locals with 12-16 teams) or try to get a third party involved and make it a big deal. We had 30+ BenQ's and are trying to drop our inventory down to 20 (2x LoL stations), so anything bigger than a 12-16 Team Event would require some help from some of our third party friends. Anyway, if the interest is there, we'd love to host this type of thing. Maybe even make it a multi-day thing and do Halo CE as well?
  14. They called us to discuss but still chose Sturgis. We hope to still be having a decent sized event here in the near future. For now we are back to focusing on locals. But yeah, good post Formal. Definitely wish all of you guys that we became friends with over the 2 events here the best of luck. A lot of you guys are really class acts and we'll be cheering you on from afar!
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