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  1. For such a place, you guys are pretty great at this community/team support thing.
  2. Does anyone have this classic Costanza image as their profile photo? Don't want to take it if it's already in use.
  3. Heard you guys were in the market for some new jerseys https://twitter.com/mikefacekillah/status/888382446605135872
  4. I canceled my monthly to buy a year and forgot to complete the purchase... may have lost my streak there for a month accidentally. STAY GOLD. And thank you sir, congrats to you too! (iirc you are also living with a new human?). and unfortunately for baby mikeface he'll never be a better snipe than dad. *Jonah Hill in Superbad voice* people don't forget Thanks man, it's pretty special. First few weeks are hell on the sleep schedule, but it's really the best thing ever. I'll try to never leave my sweetlings again
  5. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP BOYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS happy to announce that both baby mikeface and wifeface are happy and healthy and doing great, and after 3 months we're very well acclimated to the joys of #parentinglife. No surprise that I've been playing significantly less Halo (i.e. none) these days, but I'd like to start frequenting the forums again, especially with MLG back anyway here's a visual of me trying to catch up on all the news
  6. just placed $1.5MM on my favorite semi-professional fifth tier English football club Maidenhead United F.C. to win today vs. Leyton Orient, wish me luck boys!!! Everyone who upvotes gets a piece of the winnings!
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