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  1. Assuming Tox beats Rec does that mean we will see Rec vs Nv finally?
  2. I remember that moment clear as day, Sudd 2 smacking Sudd 1 with a water bottle. But I believe the footage is long gone :-(
  3. optic is winning imo, i think they're 4-0 or 3-0'ing envy if they meet but will have a close series with splyce
  4. Who do you guys think NV Halo will pick up/poach with Huke seemingly leaving? Or do you think Huke will play both?
  5. There are exceptions. For example up to the last lan nV dominated Liquid almost every scrim (usually double digits to single digit) and then lost on lan. They also beat Optic in scrims often but have only beaten them on lan once so we'll see. Vegas should be interesting!
  6. Lol at people who think Ninja still cares about halo. I'm sure he enjoys the halo competition but the dude made 61k in a day, his views are going up, and his sub count is growing every week playing H1Z1. Can't blame him for focusing on H1Z1 when it is more beneficial to him.
  7. Liquid hasn't scrimmed any of the top 6 teams. They've only scrimmed Dream Team (I know they are technically top 6), Elevate, and Denial. Not sure how prepared they will be at X-Games
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