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  1. Thanks man, I appreciate what you did for the halo community while it was an all time low. You guys made something out of nothing, and I respect you for that. I think I speak for the majority when I say the way you guys went out obviously wasn't the way you wanted. Get the money to me when you can, no rush. RIP AGL.
  2. Also, here's a list of possible rosters I can see happening. Requiem- Ninja Dersky Ace Heinz Ambush- Heinz aPG Ninja Dersky/Ace Classic- Chig Mikwen Naded ?? sQ- FS Ogre 2 Enable Snakebite Ambush- Heinz aPG Ninja Enable
  3. Let me try to clear some stuff up for you guys, since there seems to be a lot of rumors being thrown around here. First, you guys have to understand how hard it was for me to drop Richie. I've teamed with him for 2 years, definitely one of my best friends I've made through gaming. There is a lot more to a team change than the twittersphere sees, so please understand we know what we are doing. The team name shenanigans were brought up because Heinz is taking the Ambush name if he doesn't join an already existing team. (If he forms a brand new team) So we, as a team, were throwing around ideas. Instinct was brought up by Ola, and he got Roy and Lunch's approval. This was a stretch because Instinct doesn't seem even close to comforting without LUNCH and ROY. Str8 Rippin was brought up because Snip3down and Legit teamed and won a national championship together on that name. If we did that, we would need T2's blessing, out of respect to him. He declined that, so worst comes to worst we make a new team name. The way I see it, bringing back a household name, (Final Boss, Str8, tD, Carbon, Instinct) only makes the tournaments a little more intersting IMO. At the end of the day it is just a team name so it's not that big of a deal. I hope this helped clear up most of the confusion I read throughout this forum so far.
  4. I'm not really a forums guy, but I'd like to say some things, take it or leave it. This past weekend we had AGL 9, in Atlanta, which in most of our minds, was a failure. I have been to every AGL event except Pitts, and this felt like a local. For a company like AGL to grow, it can't be having tournaments every two weeks, especially with the state halo is in. I haven't been paid from AGL since Nashville, which was quite awhile ago. Brad can literally take our money if he wants, none of us are contracted, and he can just leave. But besides the point, I go to these events to win and play halo, but for the love of God, Sturgis will be the nail in the coffin for Halo. For anyone who is flying, they will have to drive some crazy amount to get there anyways. This event will have maybe 8 teams. What I think they should do is just wait until the next big event, and make it the biggest prize yet, instead of having smaller tournaments with little payout. I want AGL to succeed, but this is not the way they should be doing it. /endrant /sorry
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