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  1. Good to hear. Interested to see how the meta unfolds in a semi competitive environment.
  2. Any ranking system in this game or win incentives to encourage people to play as a team rather than stat whore?
  3. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Halo+5+hcs First result, has a live countdown. Edit: double "let me google that for you" within 1 minute of each other. Rough
  4. No one cares about people dashboarding man, don't put yourself through the bullshit of bad teammates. 99% of people can tell the difference between you dodging a bad teammate and you dodging the other team even though you have a decent teammate. I dashboard the hell out of Halo 1, I'm not going to spend my free time on Hang em High stuck at red base because of a teammate that doesn't know randoms. I'll play any other Halo with bad teammates, but fuck that for Halo 1. Your time is more valuable than some idiot's opinion on the internet.
  5. Esportsepedia shows every placing for each MLG event, the rosters, and placings for individual players over the years. http://halo.esportspedia.com/wiki/Walshy Here's Walshys. You can click around and find a lot of different players and events.
  6. Good post and a valid opinion. We as a community do hold on to our toxic thoughts about Halo 5 and don't hold back. "Bashing our heads against the wall" is a pretty good term. Some people may say they keep posting because they see potential in Halo 5 versus everyone just giving up on Halo 4. While that may be true, I think it boils down to a general atmosphere that 343 has created. Over 4 years we've gotten Halo 4, MCC, and and Halo 5. Forgetting about Halo 5 for a minute, there was a 3 year period where 343's only work to show was Halo 4 and MCC. The single biggest "disgrace" to Halo in Halo 4, and arguably the worst console release in history by a company owned by the console developer making Xbox's flagship title. Without getting into lengthy posts and without acting like a jackass that thinks he knows buisness, I think a large portion of "Halo 5 sucks because of this" posts are fueled by past resentment, whether people are actively trying to bash 343 for it or they are subconsciously holding on to prior feelings and it shows up in talks about Halo 5. I totally agree that there are people that will continue to post about Halo 5 being a bad game while continuing to play it, but you also need to understand that 343 hasnt created the most healthy community. What you see is still the result of things boiling over largely from MCC. Small problems aren't small problems when they follow repeated bigger problems. I don't necessarily agree with some people and how they go about it, but I do understand the frustration that shows over a game from a company that is telling their customers "you aren't worth our time/money to fix our promises" when it comes to MCC.
  7. Halo 5 has bloodshots now lol. Anyone else notice this?
  8. Sad that MCC is really close to being a decent game. Few fixes to each individual game and it would be solid. Really shows how much 343 values their fan base when they can't even finish what they started. I get that businesses need to make money as much as possible, but they are literally saying "you aren't worth the money it would take to stay true to our word". It's not how MCC happened, it's how they handled it. Hopefully they are aware of this.
  9. It's amazing how smooth the aiming in Halo 1 is. After a few week break, I can still spin around on 6 sens and shoot someone thats 1 shot with my pistol. In Halo 5 I avoid 1vs1 battles at all cost because I can't even control my reticle properly. As someone who never played Halo 1 until MCC, it was an eye opener.
  10. Here's how to do a 4vs4 spawn system that would be true to Halo 1. -2 teams of 4 people. Bravo vs. Alpha team. -Alpha team is 2 red players, and 2 blue players -Bravo team is 2 green players, and 2 yellow players -Red players are linked together so they only spawn on each other, no matter where their fellow blue teammates are. Same goes for all the other colors. -after all that is done, you would need an easier way to tell where people are going to spawn instead of keeping track of who is on what color team midgame and who is dead and who is alive. -you would have to put 4 round circles of light somewhere on the screen. If I am on Alpha team(red and blue), I would be facing bravo team(yellow and green). The lights on the screen indicate who's alive on the enemy team. So on my screen, there would be two yellow lights, and two green lights. When someone dies on green team, the green light will fade until they spawn. Same thing for yellow. -the lights would be key so you could see a yellow enemy and look at the light and realize his teammate is dead and about to spawn and you could nade the spawns or realize that he is getting a random. That is the best system I have came up with over the years of thinking about it lol. I guess the lights aren't necessary, but it would help make the game more playable instead of the headache of keeping track of the kill feed, remember who's on what color, etc. It would suck to see a yellow enemy and have to remember the name of his yellow partner and remember what the kill feed said to see if he's dead or alive. Maps would have to be built ground up for 4vs4. I would also include 2 sets of powerups on each map so it's 2 Overshields and 2 Camos. Halo 1 could never be a good 4vs4 game with the maps we have now and the spawn system built for 2vs2.
  11. People who play Halo 5 to win are not "sweatbags" or whatever stupid term you're going to use tomorrow. Your disdain towards competitive players is unreal.
  12. Why do people get excited about the Halo 5 sniper? It's the easiest sniper of the series and it's takes no skill to use at all.
  13. It seems like all the pros struggle at hitting shots up close. That's where I definitely feel like the aiming is fucked up in Halo 5.
  14. Wtf is that crap then? Ninja gets robbed a trade when the game is on the line?
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