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  1. I played a couple afternoons of the beta with my friend on his PS4 and we both played the beta on PC and now own the game on PC. Albeit I only played the beta on PS4 and not the full version but we both think the Overwatch experience is only a fraction of what it is on PC. Aiming is terrible, the people you play with are brutal, and it adds to be an almost disappointing experience when compared to PC. It runs so smoothly on mediocre PC's so almost no reason to be playing it on console.
  2. Its sweet to see an org like OG bounce back instead of just giving up on halo. Makes a big difference in the scene.
  3. sorry for bringing this back but is it just me or does this remind anyone else of tom hardy in the warrior. Esports edition.
  4. walshy streaming! https://www.facebook.com/1558523984464304/videos/1602217340094968/
  5. ahah i love how on any other thread people are crucified for posting gifs without putting it in the spoilers because it messes with peoples data on mobile and its just accepted here. Such a :dank: thread
  6. this point in time must be pretty hard for a lot of halo pros who are lost in the vicious cycle of roster mania. I feel like its really testing the motivation and drive for a lot of pros to keep grinding. I mean if I spent all my energy just trying to find a team to play with I would have no motivation to actually grind. Things must be looking down for a lot of pros but I really hope they stick it through and get on a team and get rejuvenated to start grinding. I cant wait till pro league gets announced and more teams start forming.
  7. I completely agree. I think ace is awesome and really would love to see him succeed as captain of TL. I loved watching Spartan play with Optic because of the intentional conversation he initiated in between games. He has a strong drive to become better as a team and succeed. Something I think Optic could really use. Ace is an awesome guy just maybe a little too chill to help out optic in the places they really need help. I really like this post. Thats an analysts job to explain to people the instincts of the pros. We as mortal humans cannot always understand why Lethul makes the decisions he does and honestly he cant always either. This is because it is pure instinct based on experience that we do not have. This exact situation can be found in all sports.
  8. I think any halo content where someone invests time into is worth commending. Halo content is lacking right now and has potential to grow. I really enjoyed the video and think it is awesome especially for new players that are getting interested into halo esports. Well done.
  9. @@Avenger dang that that sig tho. I wish i was that good
  10. The wizard is back. Ola just juked mikwen while at no shields for like 20 seconds before dying ahah. love watching that guy play.
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ry1rhspwgqxnyrs/naded%20chat.PNG?dl=0 wat.
  12. normally i dont follow maniac a whole lot. His vlogs seem kinda pointless to me sometimes but I have been watching his vlogs on his trip cali religiously. I absolutely love the content he has been producing of just hanging out with the halo boys. I think its so cool that the community of pro players goes beyond the team and a lot of them are friends. Obviously there is a lot of drama between certain people but I love seeing all these pro players hanging out and getting to know them in a weird virtual sorta way. I laughed so hard when ace looses on his first turn in the last vlog. thanks @@MaNiaC for the cool content
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