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  1. Title pretty says it all, add me Kered the Great.
  2. Saw a dude get his bike stolen, chased the dude down, got the bike and gave it back to the owner. Get a e-mail a couple hours later from the bike owner telling me that he is a millionaire. Gave me $100,000 in stocks, cashed em in right away and got the 100k. A little help goes a long way I guess And to have multiple cars, you have to buy a garage property. Each of the three characters have their own separate garage they can purchase. Same goes with the hangers and marina's, you buy em, and you can store planes and boats you buy.
  3. I don't think I've ever finished a game on Complex.
  4. I can't wait to see how that machine gun comes into play, and what happened to his house. And when that old lady drops here bags when Walt says hi, makes me believe that it got out what he's done, and he's currently on the run setting up for his last stand. Cus you have to bring in his ego and pride into the situation. You really think walt is going to go out by dying from cancer? No a firefight seems more to his interest. And he took the ricen out of his so maybe he'll take it as a backup if he gets taken a live in the firefight. Just me thoughts.
  5. 343 is a company that relies more on community input that I've seen in a while. So keep this positive stuff coming, and post it everywhere. Halo's on the fast track again
  6. Ninja placed first in his seeding match. Yeaaaaaaaahhh buddy.
  7. With just getting of deployment and not having to worry about poop Spain connection, looking to get back into Halo hard. Wanna get some scrims and customs going. GT: Kered EK
  8. Reminds me of bootcamp, just with less spit and without the whole being in space thing.
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