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  1. Meh still feels and sounds like Halo 4 to me. if this is any indication of what Halo 5 is gonna be we're just gonna see another failed Halo game just like H3, Reach, and H4.
  2. It. Runs. Off. The. Halo 4. Engine. Come. On. Bro. I swear every time a new a Halo game comes out it gets all this fake praise and after a month everyone will be bitchin about it.
  3. H2A is pretty much Halo 4 with no sprint and new skins.
  4. Why is this website not promoting this upcoming tournament like at all. MLG would always keep there website up to date with info and times especially on tourney days. The fact that the tournament is today and I had to come to the forums just to find out what time it starts and where to watch is kinda sad.
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