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  1. Campaign Mission "Swords of Sanghelios". On the left-hand side of the map there is a break in the walkway. The mantis can fall into that break without being able to be extricated. Mission "Enemy Lines". The first destructible shield sometimes does not generate, though the invisible barrier is still present. If the shield does not visibly generate, however, the invisible barrier is indestructible. Must restart level to fix. I have not been able to figure out what would make the shield not generate.
  2. If you get a chance, could you confirm something for me? Not being a good player, sometimes the finer points of the game just don't matter (even if I understand them). For aiming, mine has never been good (and H5 confirms this with a 43% accuracy rate so far), but I personally don't think there is any aim assist until the stick deflection gets quite high. To me, the game feels like: 1. No aim acceleration for all but the largest stick deflections. [Theory: Past games (CE, H2, H4) had quite a bit of aim assist that would get your reticle going in the right direction instantaneously, so it felt more responsive (H3 had less, but also had other wonky stuff going on with the aiming). That's because the reticle started moving in the desired direction on its own. In H5, there is very little aim assist, and the "clunkiness" or "reticle momentum" is a result of not having that anticipatory movement of the reticle rather than presence of aim acceleration. In H5, you have "thumb momentum" rather than reticle momentum.] 2. The angle at which aim assist does engage seems smaller than past games. [Theory: Fast moving targets can easily get outside that window, leading to more of a heavy-reticle feel during the mid range engagements. I have experienced this feel as well . . . though I didn't think it was aim acceleration, but rather that the reticle had left the aim assist engagement window.] 3. Increased vertical responsiveness of look direction over past games. [Theory: The delta between horizontal and vertical look speed has been decreased compared to past games, which leads to the unexpected rapid changes vertically.] I think it would help everyone if you could confirm that those 3 assumptions are either correct or incorrect. Thanks!
  3. I thought the rank resets were only for some of the lists. If it's for all of them, then I'm not so worried about it.
  4. Not sure how I feel about that. That could prove to suck. Unless the rank resets will be applied to all arena lists, in which case, not so bad.
  5. Question about rank: After you get initially placed, can you drop a category? Like let's just say in those first 10 games you do really well because it's a Thursday and the moon is blue and seven of the planets are in alignment. After that passes, you repeatedly get trounced every game you play. Will you move down a level? It seems like you should . . . but the reason I ask is that I've seen it stated over and over that you "won't lose a whole rank just from a loss".
  6. I celebrate 117 day with a song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgVwv0ZuPhM
  7. I can only remember actually being hyped for two games: Doom 2 and MCC. One delivered. One did not. For the most part, while I will certainly invest $$$ to play a game I want to play, I hope it will be as fun as I want it to be, but I don't bank on it. So while I preordered H5 (yep; I did that) and fully expect to spend a ton of time playing it, I'd rather not turn the hopes into expectations like I did with MCC. The one thing I am hyped for is the Xbox Elite controller, which I preordered after reading Saucy's post on it.
  8. It did not. Even in custom games the BR was 5-shot after the tune (at least for a while . . . maybe that later got fixed). Though my memory might be failing me, the DMR felt like it was significantly more powerful vs. the BR in campaign compared to what it was in MP even pre-tune.
  9. Depends on what you mean. Mantis chaingun ROF in campaign was way higher than in MP. After the weapons tune, differences in damage and RoF between MP weapons and campaign ones was significant - particularly with the DMR. Whether there were some other differences before the tune, I don't know.
  10. Let's hope for the ability to customize individual weapons @Sal1ent.
  11. I wouldn't say that's extreme. I like that about CE. A lot. Also means that being able to snipe well in CE (and I'm awful at that) is truly a win-generating skill. It also means that most of the snipers go unused, so you can put lots of snipers on the map. Anyone who wants to use them and get better at them has the ability to do so. It's one of the truly beautiful things about CE, IMO. And I suck at the game . . . yet I still love to play it.
  12. I'd rather up the RoF on the Magnum to achieve the TTK reduction, rather than buffing the damage and slowing the RoF. In either case, I'd leave the BR alone. That's a feel thing, though. I prefer fast shooting pistols. The H3 pistol is just horrible and unfun (for me, anyway).
  13. 1.20s vs. 1.28s isn't much at all. The beta - with the 1.00s killtime for the Magnum allowed you to beat a BR even if you missed a shot and your opponent hit all of his. That's too much advantage - I agree. I would have preferred something in the middle. 1.10 - 1.15s for the Magnum would be nice. Other than that, I don't have a problem with the auto / pistol starts.
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