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  1. I'm dying of laughter from that listen-in. I think I heard Mike say "We can't hear each other!"
  2. I'm glad our series consist majority of CTF games when the casters can't even catch them on camera. Hopefully they do a better job. Drink some coffee; get on top of those flags.
  3. To be fair, this Liquid squad hasn't been looking impressive. Not to give them discredit, but I'd like to see Optic scrim CLG, RNG, and EG as much as possible.
  4. The worst is getting banned after you get kicked right as the stats screen appears.
  5. Did Fearitself land a team? He has the most bad ass name in Halo but isn't on a top team.
  6. Other than the stream not having any audio for Towey's part, it's always a treat to have him cast.
  7. Me imagining how Pax East will go down. Me realizing I fucked up Snipedown's face over Anakin's.
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