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  1. Can anybody tell me what the peak viewership was? Was it during the Finals or WBF with OpTic? Thanks in advance.
  2. Anyone else notice how boo boo Maniacs shot is? I feel like his acceleration is way to high for what ever sens hes playing. Just a random observation. I hope people realize no matter how good of a 4th OpTic picks up(Stellur would be a good pick up), they are not going to be good right away. Theyre going to need a good month of quality practice before they start to see the true potential of the team. More importantly, i hope OpTic realizes this too...
  3. Practice is huge...always. The important thing is to have quality practice. You cant just play MM 12 hours a day and say "weve been grinding all day". I feel thats what Optic did before Regionals. Definitely need to take some time to warm up every day in MM. They just need to scrim quality teams as much as possible and then go from there. Having said that its good to take a break as well.
  4. Regardless of how Denial is playing, EG is still looking better. Suspector seems to be an improvement for them. This is good news for me...im excited...let me be excited.
  5. EG is playing about 1000x more confident then ive seen in a long time. Its nice to watch. Everyone hating on EG for not sticking with Commonly. Well youre seeing the difference here. EG with confidence>EG without confidence. Suspector seems to have brought that to the table for them.
  6. EG is losing to Denial 30-26 on Eden TS then Contra lags out. Replay...EG beats Denial 50-22 Is TS just that random, like what changed? Oh and Suspector went 20-4
  7. EG v Denial with Stellur/Hysteria https://www.twitch.tv/roy
  8. Whats the news with the Denial squad? Did they officially part ways with Bubu Dubu. I feel like theyre trying out different rosters with and without Bubu every day. I just dont get why you would mess with the dynamic of that team. They actually made it a series with CLG...twice. This always happens with young teams when they have some success. They immediately try to go with bigger names instead of building on what they already have. What a shame.
  9. OT Im glad that TL is mostly sticking together from the looks of it. Unfortunate about Heinz but he'll land somewhere good. As much as i love the RoyBox duo and am completely aware they will not split up, how cool would it be to have Heinz in place of LBX. Just saying...TL with Stellur will compete, i like that roster.
  10. I think it would make more sense for Epsilon to move to NA if that was even possible for them. They really competed with CLG at Worlds. If they were to move over they could be on the same schedule with the rest of the top teams and actually practice against them. Obviously this is a major life change for a group of players for something that is not guaranteed in a still growing Halo scene. My main point is i think Jimbo should stick with Epsilon, they have great potential.
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