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  1. Uh no. Sorry but that's mostly just you. Try playing a real warrior like OMGodshot sometime.
  2. There are days when I get almost all legit games. But other days the cheating is non-stop (I counted 10 out of 12 games once) and I've learned to just go and do something else for a while. I don't care about my rank, but it's just a waste of time. Did anyone see that modder streaming on twitch? That dude needs the 50 more than you do LOL. I really don't get how the guy can sit around doing that for hours..
  3. Looking at just the business side.. + profits --- brand perception - Reach and 4 may have sold well, but they hurt the brand. --- brand presence. Online community is gone. Can't keep users, can't attract new ones. What's left is the word "Halo". So 4 sold well, but hurt the brand and future profits. That's a good year? The game lost it's relevance after the past 2 releases. Halo's the new NBA Live.
  4. Thanks that makes sense. I still prefer the micro-strafing burst style gameplay, but would like it to be refined in that direction so you'd be penalized more for having bits of the reticle off the enemy and get down full shots faster. It still wouldn't be the hit or miss, but it'd be hard enough to 4 or 5 shot for competitive play and consistent.
  5. Why do some think the DMR requires more skill than the BR? (serious question) To me, burst weapon = reticle over enemy longer = more skill. I posted this in another thread, but my opinion is the BR should fire like a 5 barrel gun. Every point in the reticle would represent a bullet that takes a straight-line trajectory with no spread. So 5 bullets per round in a 3 round burst: . . . . . At a longer range, you could only hit say 3 bullets on someone, meaning longer kill times. At short range, you'd have to keep the entire reticle over them to 4SK. Seems like a reasonable compromise in balancing skill - eliminating the randomness of the spread, but the reticle still has to be fully over the enemy - and allowing movement by limiting long range registration. At the very least it'd be predictable. Any thoughts on whether this could work?
  6. Yes it is. Worrying about burning bridges is pointless. Having the bridge in H5 will lead to what? A weapon update to try to cover up disjointed game mechanics and horrible maps? Maybe descope would be removed...and the game would suck a little less.. If H5 is good, then the bridge would be unnecessary. Goldenboy can voice his opinion as a caster in the industry...and if 343 overlooks the 400,000 people that abandoned the game, I wouldn't put it on him.
  7. I'd rather play midship, warlock, pit, construct, guardian, narrows, sanctuary, lockout with sprint than solace (jesus), complex, adrift, abandon, vertigo with sprint. It'd be nice if they included classic maps and a no sprint option and other settings when H5 launches. I'd be comfortable parting with my money for that even if doesn't live up to expectations. Sorry but the new maps for H5 will suck. It's painfully obvious 343 isn't there yet with making maps or even understanding what maps are for BTB or 4v4.
  8. Who cares lol. H3 is fun. H2 was fun. I wasn't around for CE so I can't condescendingly call yall 04 kids. H3 hype train WOO WOO. 400 on Thursday and 500 I think were on tonight CHOO CHOO bitches
  9. Played all night and it was...FUN!! Best thing is since the hype train's been rolling, getting matched in the MLG playlist is actually faster than in H4 TS and Throwdown.
  10. I get what he's saying and agree with him. I've never really liked the way the BR accomplished that though. I'd prefer the BR rounds to work like shotgun buckshot so there'd actually be 3-5 "bullets" per round and still 3 rounds per burst. The buckshot pattern could be made perfectly consistent with no spread (they'd follow a straight-line trajectory and not actually spread out like shotgun buckshot). They'd be spaced around the edges and center of the reticle something like this: . ... . So at a long range, it'd literally be impossible to land all the pieces of buckshot - it'd be perfectly consistent but also not strangle player movement. And at a short range, you'd still need to keep the reticle fully over your opponent to 4. I'm partial to the BR, wasn't a big fan of Reach so FWIW
  11. I could go either way on this at this point but am curious what others think. Is Halo 4 NS worth a look before jumping ship to Halo 3? I've only played 1 game of NS Halo 4 so far and liked it a lot more. Does anyone that's played more NS care to chime in?
  12. ^ they should support H3 or maybe H4 NS after this tournament and preserve what credibility they have left. Even if no one watches it, they owe it to the players.
  13. yah misread, but still if you read the article he does stand behind it being a great game. Also to an executive best-selling and best are synonymous Step 1 is openly acknowledging that multiplayer is a disappointment and they're not there yet was my point.
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