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  1. When it comes down to it, whether it be Halo or CSGO or soccer, it's not really up to the team. If the buyout is met and the player(s) is/are interested, it will happen. Otherwise the org/team will risk player unhappiness and the player leaving for nothing when the contract is up.
  2. https://twitter.com/3sUP_MoNsTcR/status/776163599295377408 ?
  3. What are people's thoughts on 8 team vs 10 team Pro League if OpTic doesn't make it in?
  4. At the end - "My next one's going to be about the radar system, and how you can manipulate it, and how you can't." I know you're excited.
  5. The main thing that doesn't make sense about 8 team pro league, is that you just had a World Championships with 8 teams just from NA (not to mention a 16 team regional). So when S2 Worlds comes around after the 2nd split, what, all 8 pro league teams make it? Or only the top 4 automatically make it, but you have 4 more spots open to the bottom 4 teams and some other teams that have been frozen out of playing against pros for a few months? 8 teams is a format that makes sense to me if you're worried about the cost of paying all the players and teams, but in the context of what's been established for Worlds it seems to be a big mismatch.
  6. This is the first scrim for new OpTic vs. CLG, but OpTic 8-5ed EG just last night. Also, 2 days after Str8 Sick joined OpTic lost 3-1 to CLG at the TB 4v4 tournament, so it's understandable why people would be surprised that they've won the same number of games in 12 games as they did a week ago in 4 games.
  7. I think it should be clear to everyone at this point that the 9-4, 8-5 scrim scores from CLG don't mean anything. They have another gear that they don't use unless they care, like in these 'smack down the upstart for the first time and assert our dominance' scrims or at LAN.
  8. This is my favorite stat out of Halo5Arena, btw: Where, when you add in the fact that CLG only plays 1 set a night ever (and both nV and TL played 2 sets last night), and OpTic dodged CLG wasting an entire night for them, CLG, despite being the clear #1, has scrimmed more nights than every other team other than maybe nV. If you want to be the best, you have to practice like the best.....
  9. I mean, the entire tournament is a LAN on Sunday, and Naded, well...
  10. E6 11-2-1 against them the night before, and essentially nV 10-3 against them last night: Set Start Truth CTF nV 3-1 DNL Eden TS nV 40-50 DNL Rig SH nV 100-94 DNL Coli CTF nV 2-1 DNL Regret TS nV 42-50 DNL Empire SH nV 100-3 DNL Plaza TS nV 50-43 DNL Fathom CTF nV 2-0 DNL (game DNF) Fathom CTF nV 1-1 DNL (game DNF) Eden SH nV 100-56 DNL Rig TS nV 50-37 DNL Plaza SH nV 100-24 DNL Truth TS nV 44-50 DNL Coli TS nV 50-38 DNL Set End Interesting that you both had the team that loses the God Tier v Denial matchup, first time, winning it in the losers side.
  11. E6 11-2-1 2gre's Team Fathom CTF - E6 3-2 2gre's Team Truth TS - E6 50-48 2gre's Team Rig SH - E6 99-100 2gre's Team Plaza TS - E6 50-28 2gre's Team Empire SH - E6 96-100 2gre's Team Coli CTF - E6 3-0 2gre's Team Eden TS - E6 50-34 2gre's Team Plaza SH - E6 100-38 2gre's Team Rig TS - E6 50-45 2gre's Team Truth CTF - E6 3-0 2gre's Team Regret TS - E6 50-31 2gre's Team Eden SH - E6 100-65 2gre's Team Coli TS - E6 50-33 2gre's Team Fathom CTF - E6 2-2 2gre's Team
  12. I'm not arguing against that. My only complaint was against Cooper showing up, listing a bunch of shit about how unpopular Halo 5 is, and laying it at the feet of Snakebite to 'fix the game' saying 'look at this, push 343 harder to fix it'.
  13. Straight up - do you think that any settings changes, or removing Sprint, or changing kill times, will make the game more popular? I mean, we're arguing semantics here. My general point is that settings have nothing to do with the game's popularity. The game's popularity is determined by the one console it's on, the genre it's in, stuff like no LAN or split screen or the fact that open circuit or grassroots tourneys are hard to make for H5 or by the lasting negative impact Reach and H4 had on the Halo name. These are all things that no pro, not even Snakebite, can do anything about. The only thing he can push on is settings, and that shit doesn't matter at all.
  14. Snakebite better use his influence with 343, to push more, to push harder, to fix that.
  15. The conversation started about settings. You quoted a post Snakebite made where he said he was mostly okay with settings. Most settings discussions are about AR balance or radar. Your contribution to the topic is "the most important thing to "fix" is the overarching road this franchise is heading down" ROFL You're exactly the type of poster he's talking about. Not one single constructive thing said, feedback that's not in any way specific or remotely helpful.
  16. Then what are you trying to say? You said a bunch of stuff about the game being unpopular, using no region lock and no party restrictions to back it up. Your conclusion was that MM is horrible because the game is unpopular. Then you asked Snakebite to push harder to get 343 to 'fix this game'. Fix what? Snakebite's post directly mentions the he doesn't have many issues with settings, you quoted it. So now you're trying to tell me that your first paragraph about the game's unpopularity has nothing to with your second paragraph. It's just something you threw in, completely unrelated. Okay.
  17. Wait, is your argument really that H5 game population is low because of AR balance and radar? That's unbelievable.
  18. Your memory of history is bad. Yes, DotA outgrew Warcraft 3, but before the release of DotA 2, DotA had been doing fairly poorly. The DotA World Championship the year before the first International had a $30k USD prize pool (200k CNY). I'm just looking at the pre-TI1 numbers in Free to Play - 1st Place 2009 Hanover League Masters - 1000 Euros. If you recall, the first International was a pre-release tournament. You think that was crowdfunded or that DotA 2 'deserved' that prize pool based on...player base? for a pre-release game? League was the same way. WCG 2010 was a $10k prize pool. Season 1 Championship was $99.5k prize pool. Season 2 was $2 million. Even if you think that's in line with the overall growth of League, Riot maintains that LCS consistently loses a lot of money for them. However, it's marketing - just like how every other esports title treats esports. None of these games, in their current incarnations, were grown organically. 1.6 was organic, CSGO was not. DotA was organic, DotA 2 was not. League, Hearthstone, HotS, Overwatch (another game with prerelease tourneys) were not. The FGC and their games, ARE, but they are the exception, not the rule. Even so, developers have felt the need to put in money (to market the game, again) - this is why Capcom Cup exists now, and Capcom Cup qualification matters more than say, free Evo qualification.
  19. That age of esports is past and dead. Halo now competes in crowded esports space, with more and more games entering every day - LoL, DotA 2, CSGO, Hearthstone, COD, HotS, Overwatch, SFV, Melee, Sm4sh, the list goes on and on. Whether you accept it or not, most video games compete for the same pool of players. It might seem like it takes a completely different skillset to play console FPS than to play a MOBA on a PC, but Hybrid winning EU LCS with Gamers 2 is the freshest example that proves that that's not the case. The parallel you should draw from in traditional sports is the slow death of Boxing over the years. Formerly a prestigious sport that spawned international superstars, the rise in popularity in other sports and leagues like the NFL have destroyed boxing's talent pool. Like everything else in life, incentives matter. This is why Microsoft has invested what they have into Halo esports, and this is why every other company continues to put up a million+ into their own prize pools. In the end, you're presenting a false dichotomy. You think that you're choosing between people who are passionate and mercenaries that simply pick the game with the highest prize pool. I think the reality is that prize pools factor into more decisions than you realize, or at least into the marketing and popularity of the game, and that attracts players. On the other side, being at the top necessitates passion - otherwise, how can anyone bear the long hours, effort, and dedication - so I don't think you should worry too much about that. In any case, you might be living a fantasy when it comes to passion of the game - that might be more than a platitude when it comes to games that don't change much (baseball, football, soccer, etc.), but with these games being refreshed every few years it's hard to imagine that Pistola or 2gre or many long time players really have the same 'passion' they originally had.
  20. Saying stuff without thinking about it. What maps favor RNG? Coli TS, Rig TS? If there were 4 Team Slayers in a 7 game series I could see it, but it really doesn't have anything to do with the maps/gametypes. Essentially, if CLG beats themselves, then RNG could upset them.
  21. Commonly would be nice, but it would be if CLG got Suspector in that situation. I love drama that much.
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