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  1. I think it was just that worlds wasn't gonna be announced as part of the weekly update that they had delayed
  2. Please give us the splyce series game 5 Edit: yes they're showing it!
  3. Is there anyway to watch side station matches or is it just going to be random periscopes and update tweets?
  4. Weren't they teaming with Randa in the AM circuit during pro league season 1?
  5. Finally got a chance to play some of the HCS playlist today and it has definitely renewed my love for halo a little bit. It feels so much better without autos and I personally feel like the radar gives the right amount of information while still allowing you to outsmart your opponents. I think I played 7 games and didn't get slayer once. Just can't believe it took a year and a half to even try a playlist like this.
  6. This is deserved. Let them keep fucking today up and get all the negative press. Then maybe finally some heads will roll. #TeamFrank
  7. Trying to play that off as if he was trolling snakebite made it way worse
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