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  1. I just figured there would be tiebreaker matches, but I guess it would be pretty time consuming to do it.
  2. How? Liquid > Epsilon, Epsilon > Renegades, Renegades > Liquid. There would be no way to break that tie as far as I can see. Edit: This assumes that Allegiance wins later vs. Renegades
  3. I don't think so. If Liquid wins and Allegiance wins, there would be a three way tie at 1-2. So I'm not sure why they are saying Liquid is out of contention for the single elimination bracket.
  4. Definitely true, but I don't think that is because of Ace or UnLegit. It really comes down to Ninja being more consistent and them finding a 4th that they gel with. Chig wasn't helping them in the "slaying" front, and I don't think Hysteria is a big enough jump in that regard either.
  5. I really don't think that Liquid is going to break up, especially with their performance in the last qualifier. Maybe it's just a "tryout" for the 4th spot considering they don't have a true 4th at the moment.
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