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  1. GT: Halo Jumper 3 Age: 20 Some Halo History: Been playing since I was very young with CE, but I only got serious about competitive play in Halo 5. I've been to LAN before and I've dipped my toes into competitive play. You may have also seen me hanging around Twitch before and if so; hi there! Location: Aberdeenshire, Scotland (can travel) Hey guys, right so I'm currently F/A and I'm looking for a good and fun team to pick me up that'd be willing to go to LAN as well as try the Open Circuit. I'm looking for people that want to practice to get good chemistry, but are also fairly chilled. I'd be looking for trustworthy and honest people that also want to find a friendship in their team. One of my goals is to try and live off of playing competitive Halo at some stage, which means I'd be up for streaming and all sorts. Whilst I'm serious about trying to become the best I can be, I'd hope for no nonsense or drama in any team I'm in. What I mean by that is a team where nobody talks behind anyone's backs, we support each other and we try to all improve our games without things turning into a shouting match. Anyone that's familiar with Ola's style of being a supportive teammate is what not only I would hope to be for others, but that we could all be for each other. Anyway guys I wish everyone well and just message me on here or XBL if you want to team. We can figure out if our personalities play well off each other (which I think is an important aspect to a team) and go from there. I wish you all the best
  2. So I've been playing Halo for a long time now (since H2) and I very much want to get into the competitive side of things. I live in NE Scotland in case anyone wants to know and I'm 19. To get into a team I was unsure where to start and someone recommended team beyond so here I am I'm willing to put in a lot of effort to work with a cohesive team. I'm also very willing to learn and improve my whole game and you'll get no ego from me. If someone wants to give me a shot let me know @HaloJumper3 on twitter or send me a message on XBL. Now I know you won't want to take it on faith that I'm a good fit so if you're interested in giving me a shot I'm up for discussions and some team games together so you can test me out. I very much hope to hear from some of you soon! GT - Halo Jumper 3 I'm also able to attend LAN events
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