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  1. I feel like people forget this during the bitching sometimes, lol.
  2. Not really that surprising. Since it was over 10 years since the last half life, right? And Valve rarely ever makes things now. Essentially meaning a trailer/gameplay for one of their projects is something to expect to drop sooner, compared to a company that released a game 3-4 years ago. Also, to many VR isn’t really a game, or has much “gameplay”. But thats talk for another day lel. But, for the memes sake, even Half Life came out of retirement. Oof.
  3. Most people seem to like it for nostalgias sake. But good to see people realizing it really isn’t that well designed. At least for the purpose in MM they use it for.
  4. Better than nothing. Even if they should be able to show off way more, since by e3 it’ll be less than 6 months till launch.
  5. The zombies has constant blue screens and crashes at launch, but I think that was for that specific mode since it was neglected lol. Didn’t they originally say they wanted all the games out for mcc pc by the end of 2019. And we eventually realized that wasn’t happening cuz Reach wasn’t even ready towards the end of the year. Seems like more Microsoft promises before they realize how much work it’ll take, if so. Yeah the full team thing is dumb. If I'm searching alone why would I want to match a big party lol
  6. H5s server issues weren’t as bad as Black Ops 4s for me. But they’re still memorable. And if a game launches with issues like that, then it’s already begun to lose players. Also forge not being in at launch is a crime, lmao. That’s something to delay the game for.
  7. Literally this. We could have a gem on our hands if they just took all the good bits. Yeah, it’s super weird. I remember the past 2 E3s waiting for new into. Since halo has been in a dry spell for.. awhile. (Never forget how H5 was the one mainline halo game to launch on Xbox One. Where the 360 had four games.) Can’t remember what we got 2018. But the Infinite trailer in 2019 was hype, and at least told us it was coming. Weird how its less than a year away and we have no gameplay yet though. Thought most games show off things earlier. That, and because they needed something to put out I suppose. Since H5 support was ending, and the next game wasn’t coming for a year and a half or so.
  8. I wish we didn't get only 1 new mainline halo game in the entire xbon lifespan. But that's our timeline.
  9. Reach did it first with the jetpack and evade armor ability.
  10. There are tons of people who came in to the franchise with the later games, and have higher thought provoking opinions than ones who grew up with the games step by step. So thats a no for me chief.
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