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  1. Thats a funny way of saying Halo: Spartan Assault.
  2. Nothing beats the power of friendship.
  3. Not really one to post on forums. Especially Beyond. I’ll like or downvote posts I agree or disagree with from time to time. Just so happens I agree with what my friend is saying a lot of the time for halo. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. Wouldn't Arbiters "Were it so easy" line at the end of H3 show that he still believes Chief is alive out there?
  5. If I want to play ranked, solo queue, and not communicate in game. I'd just mute everyone. Having restrictions changes nothing for people who already don't want to communicate. The people who just want to play alone or talk to their friends. It wont change them to suddenly talk in game chat, if they already aren't about that. You should be able to hop in to ranked with a few friends, in a party, while an Arg is bantering to you guys in the background about still playing H5.
  6. Is that so ;3 http://imgur.com/a/dcqRN
  7. Yes. But the leader wont let people in. And no one is trying to finish up the comms. >If only new people willing to work on them would be accepted in
  8. Even though he's not the only interesting character, praise talos, one of our prayers have been answered \o/ >Inb4 only 4 Chief missions in h6
  9. It was sooo goood. Especially when the whole enemy team left except 1/2 resilient players. That waiting game was fun.
  10. Some sharp shooting right there partner. Nice shot.
  11. We had a good run. Just wasn't meant to be.

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