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  1. I wish we didn't get only 1 new mainline halo game in the entire xbon lifespan. But that's our timeline.
  2. Reach did it first with the jetpack and evade armor ability.
  3. There are tons of people who came in to the franchise with the later games, and have higher thought provoking opinions than ones who grew up with the games step by step. So thats a no for me chief.
  4. Just gonna say you don’t necessarily have to play a game to know whats wrong with it. At least from an observer or development standpoint. You can look at some games/ideas despite never having tried/tested them and point out why they wouldn’t work. It does make sense though that people who play a game more frequently will probably know a bit about it.
  5. The truth revealed, and it hurts! I feel like player obj stats aren't exactly impressive in their own right. Those modes have always seemed more about the general win. As a lot of kills/plays would be attributed to catching people when they're focused on the obj. Over when they're focused on you, and still beating them in a straight gunfight. That isn't really skillful, and probably happens more times than people realize in a mode where the enemy team is focused on getting your flag, and not fully on you. There are also times people need to be obj slave to win. The thing most people you're "stating" on are focused on in a public game. I'd say your player stats there don't matter as much compared to a mode specifically about being high on the board.(Idk what mode would push for more of that, while staying fully balanced and focused on gunfights.) I guess slayer could be argued not impressive either, with power weapons in the mix. But I'm not getting in to that debate. Keep me out of it bruddah.
  6. Honestly I've always felt like people stat in obj because most of the pub enemy team are easy pickings, as they're focused on the obj. Since most play it with the goal of getting the caps, etc, to win in that mode. But I don't understand why people who play for stats don't play the mode made specifically for gun fights, slayer. Where the enemy team is focused at all times wanting to gun fight you.
  7. To be fair, I was in that custom lobby. And I only played because people asked me to join for an 8 man. Everyone on that team was stunted when I was just casually messing around in game. That screenshot holds 0 weight. Especially when we can pull up times you negged just as easily. 1 game doesn't = anything.
  8. Sure takes a lot to set up a few lobbies and a discord/thread. If you can manage that games must be at the center of your life.
  9. Nothing beats the power of friendship.
  10. Not really one to post on forums. Especially Beyond. I’ll like or downvote posts I agree or disagree with from time to time. Just so happens I agree with what my friend is saying a lot of the time for halo. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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