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  1. Contra is literally sleeping on stage waiting for the next match. Came to atl to watch halo...not blank screeens.
  2. I was hoping to see a Commonly, Suspector, Ninja, Victory X squad. Or as I like to call it the RoyBox excuses Squad. I can smell the down votes from here...
  3. Based on Ninjas montage intro, I think he misses the OG renegades squad as much as the rest of us do. That team had serious potential, team tilt could have competed with envy and optic imo.
  4. I've played arena with dadbite as well as sub 8s against that scrub team frosty tried to beat us with.
  5. Guys, cut Lethul some slack. He's only being defensive because me and him still have the same amount of MEGABLOCKS MVP trophies.
  6. It's probably because cratos trained him to pull his ethernet cord and disconnect from games.
  7. As someone who lurks and reads the forums everyday BEFORE reddit, i actually feel bad for vin. He is a die-hard EG fan who just got dumped on by someone he looks up to. Its hard to root for teams in e-sports when the teams are constantly changing. Thats why I support individual players and follow their teams and just enjoy the overall competition, just as i did during the h2 days. I'm a ninja, sparty, and snakebite fanboy because of their entertaining streams and personality . GO Counter Liquid Renegades?
  8. Things we learned tonight: CLG is still king. EG will now be hosting scrims from Dodgers stadium. Randa>Crysteria People get mad when they lose.
  9. Dear Halo Gods, Please let Randa and Hysteria play against eachother in the LCQ. Praise be to the servers, may they ever be in your favor.
  10. Names: Tuxedo Danny Devito R peNGuin PAINguin But just join the team and Penguin FLYS
  11. Pool A= Pool of death? Going to be great to see the CLG vs EG and RNG vs Liquid rivalries early on... Cant wait.
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