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  1. Dude is citing his own posts... Please don't fall for this. So he got the name (sort of) correct - not that insane all things considered.
  2. Y'all are freaking out over a vague new hardware statement... shit takes years to put together. Xbox One X is here for a good long time.
  3. I knew using League as an example would lead down a path I didn't want it to... You guys irked out some of the big differences for sure.
  4. My take on the Halo: Infinity rumors and MCC. I think that 343 is trying to take some big steps to becoming a continuous delivery PRODUCT. The console world has long been outdated in how it handle patches, balance changes, major feature release, and more. Take League as an example. Their circular balance cycle (where some characters are strong, then other types become strong, rinse and repeat) keeps the game fresh for players and viewers. I'm not saying this is directly applicable to Halo, but imagine sandbox changes, map changes, and weapon changes at the speed of some of these others games. Keeping games as standalone "snapshots" (Reach, H5, H6) completely counteracts the idea of iterating and improving. Even IF you send out patches for those individual games. I'll give a hypothetical trying to illustrate my point. Let's say Halo 6 launches, brand new classic style Halo. Great, right? There may be a few patches along the way, but only fixing the most glaring issues that are causing the loudest player frustration. Are they going to add more content? Change massive systems? Huge new weapons? Unlikely, unless they are needed to meet even basic user expectations (see: h5 forge and content add-ons). By releasing a standalone game, they've now trapped themselves from adding significant, novel functionality. Because if a standalone Halo 6 launch happens, then that means there's probably a standalone Halo 7. And to release Halo 7, they would need reasons for players to want to buy the new game. Which means big features. New mechanics. Novel functionality. It's part of the reason why we've spiraled into sprint, thrust, clamber, the list goes on. There needs to be something to get people to buy the game. Everyone on this forum would probably argue that they could've just released H3 v2, v3, v4 as "new games", but we aren't the average audience. Another example is Windows 10. The plan for Windows 10 is to be the last Windows. That's so we as a company can incrementally add cool new features without "saving them for the next release" or innovating just for the sake of innovating. I don't know, this wasn't super focused or concise, but I'd love to share some perspective on this stuff. If Halo: Infinity meant each of the past games and a new MP experience that was "evergreen" (more changes, more often), I would be ecstatic. It actually frees you up to try more things. I'd love to chat with you guys about this - feel free to quote whatever parts of this as a jumpoff point.
  5. Even people who use smurfs, know that smurfs are a problem for the other players in the game. You are literally ruining 7 other people's experience in the game. How is that fun?
  6. Guys, Microsoft Research is one of the most legit portions of this company. Some of the smartest minds of Microsoft sit in those buildings. Here's the paper on how they designed it if anyone's interested: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/publication/trueskill-2-improved-bayesian-skill-rating-system/
  7. I mean - does it matter why? I think this is a huge opportunity to do something that eSports hasn't really seen outside of Super Smash Bros Melee... Return to the cherished game when the new games aren't as beloved.
  8. Did I miss the discussion on this? https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-3 Major points: LAN support being added to MCC (PLEASE GOD MULTI HALO TOURNEY) Servers converged to one type of dedicated server (this is huge for ease of fixes, you try maintaining 4 separate server code bases) Dope new menu First flight goes out soon(ish)
  9. I forgot how satisfying it is to hear instant medal readout H5: Get overkill *wait 10 seconds for useless medals and animations* Did I get it?? "DISTRACTION, PERFECT" .... "OVERKILL"
  10. I feel like metaphorically Tox represented me as a player and my generation of Halos and Splyce represents the new age And that’s why it feels a little painful No salt though, I got to see a ton of great Halo this weekend, met some cool folks, and got first rounded in FFA by players much better than myself
  11. What splyce does best is take advantage of the insane movement in Halo 5 - watching Renegade gets me frustrated by extension
  12. We lit out here ESL trying to ice the crowd by game restarts
  13. This event is amazing in person. The friends I brought on Saturday were instantly sold (after not playing Halo 5 for more than a year) on coming back for Sunday. Had one of them pull me aside and thank me for exposing them to this scene. Someone be a hero and figure out how many power ups Tox has missed across these few series. Also please change game 7s from Regret Slayer - sucks the energy out of an incredible back and forth.
  14. Just got done with work, if you see a guy with long blonde hair, an old school camera, and a grey Henley, yell out Pono or come chat!
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