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  1. It was ThyWolfman and Rippon haha. Ass whoopin' in question: http://halo5arena.com/match/c07cc405-79d1-4e42-973c-93c92e4db00c/Stay-Poetic?timeplayed=2016-07-02
  2. Damn tryna just enjoy some casual ass big team battle listening to music watching streams n i get bent over by some of y'all beyond entertainment tryhards
  3. I just went back to regular 4 sens 2 acc lol.
  4. Anybody know what settings @@LethuL tried out last night?
  5. I honestly just enjoyed it better when I could be like 3 is to slow 5 is to fast okay guess I like 4 the best. No accel, no individual sensitivity. Just simplicity lol.
  6. For anybody with an elite controller, did they change something? I swear my aim is different. Also My internet has been horrible since March 23rd and mediacom is telling me it's going to be at least another 2 weeks for them to get these special parts ordered and installed. FML. Hope Halo 5 is great for you. I really hate playing when I'm lagging so bad. It's not lag comp, it's skipping rubber banding lag .
  7. It could be true. Most people say try and learn to use 0% inner deadzone and eventually it'll help you more than hurt you. However, if it's been a while since adjusting to a 0% inner deadzone and you're still having this issue, then I say go ahead and try increasing the inner deadzone.
  8. Man I basically don't play Call of Duty at all anymore. Whenever I turn my Xbox on, all I want to do is play Halo. And I find myself wanting to play multiple modes without stressing out over anything. In cod there are so many deaths one can get where they feel like there was nothing they could do. The hit detection or lag comp just isn't in your favor sometimes. This... Every death I get I feel like I earned. Every kill I get feels more satisfying. IDK. I'm having fun again playing a shooter. Edit: And watching Halo on twitch is much more entertaining than watching COD. Plus the players aren't as big of... well for lack of a better word... assholes to one another.
  9. Battle Beavers Customs Controller (cheaper scuf basically). Halo 4 Controls 4 sens 3 acc 0/0 deadzone auto stabilize off No to clawing.
  10. Edit: I'm just gonna delete what was posted here. If a mod wants to remove this feel free .
  11. I haven't been in the scene long enough to fall in love with Naded. But I have been in it long enough to see what Cratos has done. A person like him deserves nothing good from life. Sorry that's just how I feel.
  12. COD Advanced Warfare was his breakout COD. He played a little bit of ghosts. He went from being a nobody to Top 5 during that year.
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