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  1. LF Competitive NA Arena/8s players for newly created discord server. We want to get active players (from NA) whom are interested in running custom 8s for crispy hosts and have MM lobbies as well. If you have a team, we also are setting up a scrim channel. https://discord.gg/DJ8Et7E
  2. this guy is a lanimal, definitely pick him up
  3. Glad to see some fellow mustangs in this thread. I just graduated in June, would love to see collegiate involvement in the halo community. I know there are other clubs for games like Dota at CP, I don't understand why halo would get excluded.
  4. Name: Devin Age: 23 GT: Ronin SE Games Played: H2, H3, HR, H5 Area: San Diego Future Gaming Plans: F/A looking for a team for online or Orange County events. Feel free to add me if you are from CA
  5. Looking for a to3 or potentially a to2 to join for the esports arena open bracket. Have attended MLG San Diego 08 and MLG Anaheim 09. The venue is an hour drive from me so attending is not an issue. If you care about rankings I'm a past champ in both TA and FFA and currently onyx. I'm PST time zone and can run games in the evening or late afternoon to around midnight PST. GT: Ronin SE
  6. GT: Roninn MM/Customs NA - PST Onyx Arena/Slayer, Past Champ FFA Discord: Ronin#2436 add me if you play consistently or want to run customs/mm
  7. GT: Roninn hit me up to run games halotracker: http://halotracker.com/h5/arena/roninn/playlists
  8. Looking for evening weekday (I'm PST) players to grind arena or play custom 8s. I'm an onyx player every season in TA/Slayer, Champ in FFA Gt: Roninn
  9. GT: Ronin dV Discord - ronindv#2436 Feel free to add me on both. I am an active Onyx player looking for active NA players to run customs or MM. Pacific Time - California
  10. Gamertag: Ronin dV Customs/MM: Both, Onyx in 3 Arena/FFA/Slayer last season. Plz have a mic if you want to play Region: PST NA on evenings typically
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