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  1. We have a To3 looking for one more. We're all high onyx in arena and looking to compete this season. If you're interested message me here or send a message to my GT Beltway Bondra. We're looking to run games tonight around 11p-3a EST.
  2. Since a Halo draft was a hot topic in the HCS Pro League thread I figured I'd put together a mini draft to get an idea of what the player distribution would look like. To keep things simple we'll keep it to 6 teams/organizations drafting. Draft will be a four round snake format so the team that picks 1st in round one will pick last in round two (I'll randomly generate an order once we get five other guys willing to participate). Just to make things a little more realistic assume every player you draft is being signed to a two year contract so obviously if you think a player only has a year left at a top level his value will be decreased. First five guys to post will get the remaining five spots, but please don't take up a spot if you know you won't be able to post for a while. If it's your turn to pick just post your pick in the thread. I'll update this post with the order and picks once they're decided. Draft will start as soon as we fill up all the spots and the order is randomized. If you want in just post your team name. GLHF Draft: RD1 Zebra: Snakebite Gio: Royal 2 Chad: Roy NCrazy: Lethul Belt: Spartan Brute: Frosty RD2 Brute: Commonly Belt: Jimbo NCrazy: Snipedown Chad: Penguin Gio: Suspector Zebra: Bubu dubu RD3 Zebra: Rayne Gio: Contra Chad: Unlegit NCrazy: Heinz Belt: Ninja Brute: Ogre 2 RD4 Brute: Cratos Belt: Ace NCrazy: APG Chad: Stellur Gio: Naded Zebra: Hysteria Teams: Zebra: Snakebite, Bubu dubu, Rayne, Hysteria Gio: Royal 2, Suspector, Contra, Naded Chad: Roy, Penguin, Unlegit, Stellur NCrazy: Lethul, Snipedown, Heinz, APG Belt: Spartan, Jimbo, Ninja, Ace Brute: Frosty, Commonly, Ogre 2, Cratos
  3. this isn't like a fantasy league kinda thing. Just a hypothetical draft if all players were in a pool and we each had to run an org. Just to see what the talent distribution would look like.
  4. @@ssbChad up next. I'm interested to see who these last three picks are
  5. thanks. As you can tell thats not one of my strong points
  6. Sorry I held this up! I'll take the GPK Jimbo. @ you're up
  7. With my top 4 gone I'll take Sparty The Dog @@mediabrute on the clock
  8. Alright guys the order has been randomized and is posted on the original post. @@Zebradamus you're up first. Pick your player and then second pick can pick theirs. I'll update the first post as we go. Feel free to explain your picks is you feel the need to. Don't forget you're signing these guys to 2 year contracts.
  9. need 2 more to start http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/13061-hypothetical-halo-5-draft/?p=729452
  10. not a fantasy draft. pretend you're the owner of an org and all players are free agents and are a part of a draft. Put together the best team you can.
  11. He said he wouldn't leave Epsi for Optic so nicely right there. Love these EU guys.
  12. Alright so we have 4 confirmed teams so far with @@EUPenguin and @@Cooper as possibles. If they can just confirm they're in we can get this started.
  13. Thats what this is. Everyone is picking 4 players to build a team

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