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  1. We have a To3 looking for one more. We're all high onyx in arena and looking to compete this season. If you're interested message me here or send a message to my GT Beltway Bondra. We're looking to run games tonight around 11p-3a EST.
  2. this isn't like a fantasy league kinda thing. Just a hypothetical draft if all players were in a pool and we each had to run an org. Just to see what the talent distribution would look like.
  3. @@ssbChad up next. I'm interested to see who these last three picks are
  4. thanks. As you can tell thats not one of my strong points
  5. Sorry I held this up! I'll take the GPK Jimbo. @ you're up
  6. With my top 4 gone I'll take Sparty The Dog @@mediabrute on the clock
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