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  1. Hey man I'm looking for a team. Gt is Arrrash. For some reason it won't let me msg you on the app
  2. I shot you a msg in xbl. Gt is arrrash
  3. Looking for two now. Be on around 730/ 8 tonight hmu
  4. Still looking. Willing to put a team together too
  5. Decided that I would create a team instead of trying to find one since lots of teams I found just dont practice as much as I would like. The plan would be to play a minimum of 3 nights a week and sundays. My schedule is 7-12cst (ish) and team practice ect would be during those times or around those times. On Sundays we would just play the cups and the practice after. I am looking for players who are willing to put in the time and are not going to bail the day of tournaments. Also willing to grind gbs and team scrims instead of only playing mm. Previous comp exp is a plus. My gt is arrrash so msg me there or on twitter @arrrrash
  6. I am currently looking for a dedicated team for the hcs ladder and cups along with other events. Looking for a team that practices 4-5 times a week. My schedule is mon-thurs from 7 to 12cst (however getting on at 8 is easier) but I can also be on a bit earlier if there is a tournament. Then on Sunday's my whole day is pretty much open. Friday and Saturday are varied but in general I just play a few random hours on those days. I have competitive experience in multiple titles. Looking for a team willing to put in the time and grind ladder matches along with competing in tournaments. You can msg me on Xbox my gt is arrrash or on Twitter at @arrrrash

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