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  1. I'm currently an Onyx 1500 in Team Slayer and Diamond 1 in Team Arena. Would like to be able to play with other competitive players. Nearly all have my games have been played solo. Last time I was on a competitive team was back in Reach (around 2012). Been wanting to get back into competitive play now that I'm out of school. I'm from East Coast(NJ). GT: superslashing12
  2. Hey. My names Paul, or superslashing12 on live(don't ask what it means, because I don't know either- made it when I was 14). I've been playing halo since halo 2. I don't exactly know spawns - always played solo or with friends who weren't playing to be competitive. I'm pretty good with the sniper. The only possible problem is the times of playing. Starting on the 6th I'll be working nights 7 pm to 7 am EST, but have a strange schedule - don't work M-F.

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