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  1. Aside from Sprint I'm not mad at how this looks. At all. There's some honest to god material work.
  2. Phil has gone full god mode and he is not a merciful one.
  3. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  4. I picked a bad time to be the guy who exclusively rocks gold paint...
  5. I was a very young lad once, in my adolescence, and my head was full of myopic ideas and life questions. I thought about things like: Will Halo 3 ever come to PC? Will Microsoft give Halo mod support on console like Bethesda with some of their games? What will life after high school be like? Will I get fat in my 20s? Not once, not even in the deepest corners of my subconscious while dreaming, was I ever curious to see weapon skins in Halo.
  6. Halo 5 wanted to be the fastest Halo game but also have the most delays. You have to understand.
  7. I think they did a great job with Spyro's look, at least before they had to start outsourcing some models. It's definitely got that watercolored, more pastel look, but Crash was NOT the same thing and they don't seem to have switched gears all that well imo.
  8. I mean, sure... If you don't mind everyone's eyes suddenly being 5 inches apart in a land of pastel colors.
  9. We've literally known the name of engine they're using since the 2018 reveal so I'm not sure how this was able to spread. EDIT: God it took 3 years just for this game to get ANNOUNCED
  10. I'm glad that they've delayed the game, but these people still put out that awful trailer and thought it was okay. Complete with Sprint and grapple hook, after 5 years of waiting. I've yet to see anything that inspires confidence in them releasing a better product given the extra time.
  11. Man, it took them half a month just to realize that people were laughing at them. I wonder how long it takes to fix a simple material pathing error found at runtime. Probably 3 hours.
  12. Imagine. Like, that's the one part of me that just wanted the game to come out. Save everyone the suspense, save themselves the embarrassment. If it's genuinely bad (I mean literally, not just mediocre like 4 and 5) this will not change anything and they just wasted more time and money.
  13. As time goes on I find myself agreeing with this more and more. Nothing. Nothing is wrong with hitscan, at least not in a vacuum. But there is a reason that Halo CE's weapon balance stands the test of time and the others do not. It's not pitting slow inaccurate projectile weapons against precision weapons with hitscan and hoping damage will close the gap. All of them are accurate, but not overly so. None of them are hitscan, but the projectiles are fast.
  14. I think the tone is a tad repetitive throughout. It sounds like a Halo theme for obvious reasons but it lacks the wide range of emotion Marty's compositions possess.
  15. Then like, it doesn't need to be a good BR either dude. We can just play BTB. Hell, even Warzone. BTB elimination...
  16. Sorry if you were just shitposting, in which case I'll look like a huge sperg... I get that Halo has vehicles and weapons on map, and BR does as well, but wow man. That doesn't make BR any closer to working well in Halo. Halo arena and BR are not some match made in heaven. One actively detracts from the other's existence. The weapon balance in Halo isn't only designed around average difficulty of use, killtimes, and ideal killtimes, it's designed around effective range. This ONE THING, I kid you not, will kill a Halo BR mode dead, if the weapon ranges present in Arena are used in Battle Royale. Absolutely murder it. The estimated time of development that would need to be devoted to designing ranges that work well for both Arena and BR? Wew, how about we just don't. Dude, call me crazy but I think there is a good reason 343 came right out and said "no". Heh. So let's just talk about progression for a bit. You know they have to strongly consider stripping the player of their abilities and/or shields at spawn just to allow any sense of progression in this area, I'm not saying they would, but this is one of the main appeals of BR, and you know Halo Infinite's weapons aren't going to be fun to play against if that happens, because much like in every Halo they will be hyper accurate. If they take the route of stripping the player at all it's going to suck. Halo's sandbox isn't designed to handle the player being stripped of anything. Spartans are extremely capable at spawn. Much like BR usually isn't designed around SUPER HIGH DEFAULT JUMP HEIGHT and overall high mobility + high ttk, Halo isn't designed around stripping these things. Once again they would have to redesign all the weapons, a third time, so this works. 3 things already that alter weapon design on a fundamental level between Arena and BR. Or, they don't strip the player's shields at spawn, whatever, you can ignore that. Do you remember Halo 5? Easy to forget I know. It also had this annoying thing where it needed to make all the special new weapons upgrades over the base ones, and this isn't something I'm pointing out as a complaint, it happens to be something BR modes need to function. Upgrade weapon design. After all, what's a BR mode without good loot? (wait, Halo still doesn't have an inventory system...) It's going to try to be 'fair' though, don't worry. Halo loves doing that. Oh, that brings us to the next bitter truth pill: Halo's focus on keeping things fair and balanced, or I should say necessity. Totally at odds with the crowd that plays BR. Absolutely nobody that has ever played a BR game has wanted to be on even footing with another player outside of the gulag. Typically, everyone wants better weapons. You want better weapons, you want better shields, you want better everything than your opponent if you're playing BR. Let's just be honest with ourselves here. Say they don't do the whole upgrade style weapon design thing.. they still have to make sure player traits show progression. Let's say it uses a REQ energy style system, and player's traits can upgrade as the match continues just as more power weapons come in play. Personally I think that could be fun as hell, if done better than Warzone, but knowing 343? Idk. You also have Sprint and armor abilities, which we still don't know the full impact of on Infinite, but knowing Halo it's massive like always, and Sprint is 100% going to be on at spawn. Just saying Halo needs fundamental changes to its design to have a BR mode that is even passable, dude.
  17. Warzone Assault was uniquely horrendous. Without the side objective of killing targets to distract the 24 players it really is not good; a literal online meatgrinder with a constant stream of players funneled to the same area. It made me appreciate the effort that went into the default mode so now I tend to look back on Warzone with a few fond memories. It also wasn't the worst iteration of online Firefight if I'm honest. Could be pretty challenging at times, although I didn't like the reliance on reqs to kill certain targets fast enough to continue.
  18. Hunt the truth is still in my top 5 greatest tragedies in gaming. All that raw acting talent and effort, and rock solid writing, for nothing. Consistently likable characters and plots that leave you on the edge of your seat, just gone dude. Never seen again. Irrelevant.
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