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  1. Maybe try giving the braindead easy melee mechanic a nerf
  2. Post-honeymoon confession time? At the same point in both game's lifespans, I enjoyed Halo 4 more than this. Yep, yes I did. Way more stuff to do.
  3. "We need a monetization designer because our current model is so scummy and discouraging that it killed the game, so please help us find another asshole to make a slightly less scummy microtransaction model"
  4. Careful now, don't make them send a strike force after you
  5. Remember how Halo Infinite was beating the new COD and Battlefield easily? 343 has no clutch gene. They can't close out. They literally can't Finish the Fight.
  6. Grunts vs Jackals playlist. Plasma Pistol starts. 4v4. To. The. Death
  7. Infinite was a golden opportunity to turn some Forge maps into fully modeled dev maps
  8. How is that an exaggeration though, even with perfect aimbot you'd kill in 0.6111112*fart* seconds every time, + travel time, that's still technically below the optimal killtime.
  9. The CE Magnum doesn't always kill in 0.6s. Actually, it's almost never.
  10. Honestly, why does it take them so long to put out more maps? Don't they always end up doing the same thing? Why not just port Halo 4 and 5 maps at this point? Lots of really popular shooters do that, even some of Bungie's Halo games did. People don't mind playing returning maps. Hell, they're brand new to a lot of them if they didn't play those games. Just give people more stuff to play. Why not give us Ascension? I'd take Narrows even. Guardian? I don't think those have been remade.
  11. Legit killed me. Like what the hell is his problem that's not a real thing
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