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  1. Good news here. Even if the sandbox is ruined, we won't need a ton of patches to movement. They did deliver on making maps possible to traverse without clamber. See guys... the game is salvageable...
  2. So if I'm understanding Unyshek correctly, 343 added a check between aiming inputs and the aim assist trigger, which likely broke the aiming, solely to prevent cheating which will happen regardless?
  3. There is such thing as too much development time. You start to backpedal on genuinely good ideas and principles because over time you became disillusioned with the project, before the general public even sees it. 343 is likely tired of developing the game and what little passion was left is gone.
  4. How is Halo even considered a good franchise anymore, jesus.
  5. CE is great. The vanilla settings, just out of the box, are fantastic both casually and competitively with zero tweaks. Aside from radar really. That has not been the case since. Things haven't really been "right" since CE.
  6. Halo Reach and Halo 5 were annoying as hell but they weren't truly 'boring'. It concerns me how I'm feeling about Infinite. It's like Halo 4 with better art direction so far. They've done so much with the art direction but everything else just isn't there. If Infinite launches in this state, I feel like it's really screwed, and they're going to take that to mean classic Halo isn't popular again.
  7. Can they please just show the campaign already.
  8. Just realized I wasn't procrastinating when I didn't sign up for either flight. I wasn't terribly interested in what I'd seen and I'm still not. It's crazy... like, I was definitely on board with trying Halo 5 out at the beginning, even if it wasn't what I wanted. Warzone and Breakout seemed pretty neat and felt at the very least original. This is just really, really dull. Like it's combining the worst aspects of Bungie Halo and 343 Halo. The only thing new so far is the weapons and the balancing is horrible. Where's the draw?
  9. I hate that I believe every word of that.
  10. For some reason it never occurred to me to think about potential overlap between the Commando and the AR.
  11. That's the part that makes 343 seem like a troll developer. They gutted bloom and Sprint in Reach, but they always bring them back. They got rid of Spartan intros in Halo 5 because people hated them, they're back in Infinite. Got rid of Ordnance in Halo 5 because people hated it in Halo 4, and it's back in Infinite. They told everyone that Halo 5 would not have armor abilties, and that's exactly what it has. There is not a single thing they will not add to piss off the fanbase.
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