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  1. I'm waiting to hear that the CE influence with Infinite isn't a meme. Please 343 just tell me the plan is not to create another Halo 2 with armor abilities and actually believe you've created something new.
  2. Brilliant. I think this is the first time I've seen someone talk about the pace of weapon interaction at length. Everything in Halo 5 is simply too slow, with or without SAs in the game, and a HUGE part of it is the weapons. You spend so little time actually shooting and the weapon swap times and reload times are just as much a factor as the damn SAs themselves.
  3. Honestly as time passes we only overcomplicate things (in terms of what changes are needed). Halo had impeccable movement. Simply put. It was so fine-tuned for every possible scenario that recharging shields and long killtimes were not just feasible but a luxury as a direct result of it. It could withstand so many very real issues presented by those things. 343 has to understand that there was a reason for no sprint or clamber and not because of the time period. They would be better equipped after that to start designing more mechanics. Halo is a simple game but that stops being the case very quickly when powerups, vehicles, objectives, and power weapons collide in a single match. It doesn't need to overcompensate. It's not one of those games that has a ton of room for added mechanical bloat.
  4. Apologize to Sidewinder right now.
  5. Well, these are the same people that forgot to add pregame lobbies in Halo 5.
  6. Where were these people 2 years ago
  7. Consider the following: Nothing made by 343 will ever have mechanical depth and truly great gameplay. Ever. We may as well stop talking about removing Sprint, Thruster and Clamber, and instead talk about making them better or at least bearable to use. Someone loves enhanced mobility so much that they have a deathgrip on it and are completely incapable of thinking critically of what it is actually doing to the game, and unfortunately they're calling the shots here. We could at least help them consider the flaws in them.
  8. Chief seems to have been downgraded from GEN II. Conjecture of course, but methinks it has to do with Halo Infinite's hinted 'RPG-like systems'. I honestly don't see where any thrusters would be. This game probably has you actively upgrade Chief's armor and 'abilities' throughout the SP.
  9. Still wish the lights above his knees worked. Everyone forgets those are there it seems.
  10. Am I seeing correctly? Are people defending bloom in Reach on Teambeyond? I know my vision is not as good as it used to be, but...
  11. Apparently, removing the disk drive enables Halo 5 split-screen @0:42s So those of you with Xbox Ones at home still, yunno... give it a shot. Rip that sucker out of there... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBDSMNE3_oQ
  12. I played Halo CE once at a friend's house in 4th grade and never owned the game until 2014 and MCC came out. I was as 'new' to the game as anyone else playing MCC, because I'd basically forgotten that was CE I played with my friend all those years ago, until I reached the same spot in the mission 'Halo' 10 years later. The game is EXACTLY what the series was missing for me. It's the least rigid. It rewards every little strategy you should employ, and that's not even limited to Singleplayer, even Multiplayer does. Everything kills so efficiently it is absurd. There's a variant of Blood Gulch in matchmaking with like 8 Scorpions on the map at any given point and not once is it a problem. You can shoot them out with a few Magnum rounds. I spent an entire match on Sidewinder just splattering snipers in a Ghost with the slightest tap and I laughed until my legs gave out. I once made a Warthog dash for the flag in Ice Fields CTF to drive back with it and solo cap (BECAUSE YOU CAN) and some guy killed me with the AR at their base before I could even come to a complete stop. It has the best weapon sandbox and the most janky and hilarious physics of all the Halo games and has a special place in my heart, and I will defend its sandbox to the grave if I could. Even MCC's port of the game (which I'm told was butchered) was lastingly appealing to me and I hated myself for waiting as long as I did to get the game. Yes, I thought it would be too dated for me, or that I wouldn't enjoy how different it was, and absolutely none of that was true. I loved every last bit of it and for the most part I'm upset at how much better the gameplay is than all the other Halo games. Sorry for the blog, but watch your mouth man...
  13. I think I like you. Anyone who stuck with MCC for 5 years is entitled to that.
  14. I imagine there will be 24/7 custom servers up running no armor abilities

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