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  1. I think I like you. Anyone who stuck with MCC for 5 years is entitled to that.
  2. I imagine there will be 24/7 custom servers up running no armor abilities
  3. I still think it's hilarious that even people who like armor abilities would rather play Reach than Halo 5 and still actively make that decision.
  4. I want to be proven wrong. So, so badly. But Xbox is finished unless the next Xbox is just a gaming PC and runs Steam and Cheat Engine like one too. Halo Infinite also has to be extraordinary in every sense.
  5. Bold. Very bold move. This is the end folks. 343's farewell cake, because Halo Infinite and the new Xbox console are coming out and will be pit against this. All Halo games on PC with reunited communities of modders and active customs servers. It's not going to survive. They're not going to survive. Not unless Infinite is revolutionary and 343 doesn't know the meaning of the term.
  6. A solid Campaign has not lost importance in Halo and I've yet to be swayed. The Campaign is what gives the Multiplayer lasting value. If the entire game is just MP then there's no 'hype period' when you hop into a lobby and experience a whole other side of the game's universe. There's no familiarity.
  7. Does anyone even have hype for the Flood anymore? 343's games have retroactively made them a joke of a parasite. They didn't even win against the Forerunners, they totally survived, and the Flood disappeared for 10 years worth of Halo games. We've been fighting Prometheans for 7 of those years. A total joke.
  8. God, how dare our paying customers tell us what they want and get upset when they don't get it for 12 years.
  9. About the middle point, I don't even think this is the outcome I like least anymore. We're kind of stuck with whatever Frankie and the gang decide is 'good gameplay' for the foreseeable future ...but I can at least recall being 'satisfied' playing Halo 5 in the event I equip the speed booster armor mod in Warzone, and I cannot shill this armor mod enough, It is the single most perfect balance of movement I have ever experienced in a Halo game, you've got Sprint speed while shooting and more responsive strafing, and much lower jump gravity on top of increased height, and movement is SO smooth, that Sprint, Clamber, or Thruster pack are almost reduced to harmless fluff, and for the past 2 years, between that and playing in Forge, it's been among the ONLY reasons I've booted up the game in recent memory. I'm almost concerned that there exists a way to make Spartan Abilities and all that other dreck more tolerable and 343 will conveniently miss out on this in Halo Infinite. Of course this doesn't address the various problems in weapon balancing (when has anything they've done) but you know what it has done? Significantly limit the issues with Clamber and Sprint on map design. I really need to get more footage of using Speed Booster to post here. I am too, sometimes to my own detriment, but 343 brings out the worst in me.
  10. God, any hype I start to feel regarding Halo Infinite is quickly met with... this realization. But of course, 343 resents this if you take it out on them. They're the victims here.
  11. I don't understand how anyone could like Countdown, therefore they can't. There I said it.
  12. I just wish promises from 343 meant anything and we weren't 11 years deep already still waiting for a real Halo game to topple Halo 3. The biggest thing concerning me right now is the lack of trust. I'm willing to get past the distrust if Infinite somehow ends up being incredible and the ultimate tribute to Halo CE, but it won't work that way for everyone and people still may not buy it. Not at this point. Very slim chance of the aforementioned things, but it concerns me. I mean... Infinite's news so far provides enough for me to discuss the game in good faith, but it's not 'hype' and never will be, thanks to 343, because there's zero faith that what Halo Infinite teases will actually happen, even the good.
  13. >343 >setting named 'modern' >it's actually good Whoa what timeline is this. Halo MCC is over here looking like it has mouse aiming precision on CONTROLLER now, like the series kinda revolutionized console FPS aiming or something. Whoa. They're starting to grasp things and stuff about Halo things, and stuff.
  14. Yes because that's exactly what Halo Infinite would be right? Just a dark city the whole time.

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