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  1. does it look like it will be a precision weapon? or same old AR but wtih ads now?
  2. the weird thing is that the reticle hip firing is the same used when ads. also if the assault rifle has ads maybe that means they made it more precise. maybe we will see an ar with a scope LMAO
  3. is the halo 5 pro gameplay being shown tonight or tomorrow?
  4. http://i.gyazo.com/c8266004805e6f1e75f9eb065ca796de.mp4 reticle doesn't change when ads. weird
  5. he's saying that hipfiring in cod is less accurate than ads. meanwhile in halo hipfiring is always accurate. so he's saying using ads in halo 5 will probably have the same accuracy as normal hip firing. so all in all the ads will have the same functionality as a regular zoom but it will look like ads ads i still different than zoom tho.
  6. h5 gameplay is being shown at the end right? if so maybe 80k
  7. was going to pick up the sunset overdrive xbox today but i saw the ad for the $50 price cut in a week. lol
  8. i dont think strafe jumping in quake is equivalent to the reticule not being synced.
  9. no honestly i think the radar in normal well all halo modes except a couple kill it for a bunch of casuals. some like the radar. but alot probably get turned off by it
  10. Why halo? what about cs? lol cs took quake's shine. cs became the main game for CPL and tournaments, cs was the main game for the big fail that was cgs. there's actually a thread on esreality about halo ce there are a bunch of people who actually like the game and play it on pc. it's not pc elitists. since they said the same thing about 2 weapons slower movement ect ect with cs. i think you are really blowing the pc elitists out of proportion. in terms of hate there are way more cod/new school fps people who simply do not like halo. and the only real similarity with halo and a game like quake would be items with a timer on the map. but even then the items spawn differently with halo being static and quake being dynamic. theres no strafe jumping, 2 weapons only in halo while you can pick everything up in quake, you start with a really really good gun in halo ce compared to quake. so there really is like one similarity and that similarity is kind of different already. it's kind of like comparing titanfall to quake because titanfall has an advanced er more advanced than a cod game movement system. ya theres one similarity, but everything else is different.
  11. really good discussion here with hypno, carmac (ESL/IEM organizer), and some others.
  12. this looks like the best cod in a long ass time. cod has fast kill times. adding more speed/vertical movement wouldn't hurt imo. and there's always been nooby ass shit in cod for a long time, cloak and some of these other things are on the same level as the nooby shit thats been introduced in the past. MW2 added the most ridiculous shit when it came out, and it was one of the best selling cods. the new movement alone makes this cod good competitive wise. and the devs are pushing esports even further. cod esports will grow even more with AW
  13. im so bad at unreal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND0lqk_He4U funny start. had trouble with that spawn point the whole game lol
  14. the game looks good. obviously most of the casual perks and stuff will be banned for competitive. all the esports features are there too.
  15. people in focus group who test out new things for QL have confirmed it. even sponge kind of confirmed it on irc. its done, LOL syncerror and sponge have not denied it at all either. this is pretty much the next update.
  16. http://www.duelcraft.net/2014/08/08/quake-live-work-in-progress-update-leaked/ new QL gameplay update. THIS IS WORSE THAN what happend to halo with REACH/H4
  17. ya quake tdm and ctf take a lot of teamwork. there are so many items to time on the map and there are no coaches or timing apps to help.
  18. its going to be under mcc. they even have a section for the orange box
  19. wow ibp and coL not going to iron gaming LAN. lol wtf
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