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  1. o so its xbox live in general. =,( http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status
  2. what i really want is dynamic timers (not lame h2 timer where people can hold weapon to delay timer) normal dynamic like in QL. or atleast some sort of hybrid where power weapons are on static and power ups are dynamic like in h3. but thats just me =D
  3. Coaches should be taken out even cod got rid of coaches. Audio and visual cues should not be there to show where and when an item is about to spawn atleast in tournment play. Its static timers on like 4 minute timers too lol. Why would we want that much timing assistance. danMaybe that is their thought behind that mantle bullshit, jump crouching for basic jumps isnt that hard, lets just have everyone capable of getting to to that platform.
  4. this is my argument. timing with static items is not that hard, but it is still a part of memorization for the game. memorize the time when an item comes up, that is still a skill. i feel like audio timers takes that small miniscule skill away. why do people use audio timers? because it's easier, hell even halo 3 had an audio timer app for MLG though the weapons could get dirtied. there is an in game clock for h5, so it makes it even possible to time. there is no need for audio and visual timers that show when and where an item is spawning.
  5. h5 has audio timer which lethul said he didnt like. what is wrong with not wanting h5 to have audio timer that tells someone exactly when something comes up?
  6. if it's so easy, why do people need to use audio timers? because people fuck up, it's an added level of skill. it's really not that big of skill, but that memorization of when it spawns still adds to the gameplay
  7. there's a difference between knowing that rockets spawn at 3:10 6:10 w.e w.e then having something tell you when it spawns and how long it takes to spawn. timing with static timers isn't really that big of a skill, but there is a difference between an in game clock and audio that tells you exactly when it spawns er even 15 seconds before it spawns. idk i dont really care about timers in halo specially since coaches are there to help with it too
  8. I agree but at the same time there are coaches who will do that for you. maybe the timers will help even out teams without coaches at events were there any powerups (overshield camo ect ect)?
  9. how did the testers not catch any of these bugs? or maybe they sent out wrong build =,( I JUST WANNA PLAY XD
  10. after sketching nearly all cod teams, formal will do the ultimate sketch.........sketch an entire game and move back to halo, once the HCS Final Prize Pool is revealed and is actually 3x as much as cod champs.
  11. tried joining a custom and i'm literally stuck with "joining player........." on the bottom right corner and I can't back out or anything. I tried restarting my xbox and unplugging my ethernet, ejecting my disk, but every time i load halo back up im still stuck with the message. t
  12. literally took me 2 hours to get to 100% lol finally.
  13. seems like kill times too long for thruster imo, tho i like the thruster mechanic edit: 4 second cool down nvm. i think its fine then lol
  14. I can't wait to try the team ground pound playlist in the h5 beta :frank:
  15. what did you guys think of clutch as a host? i thought he did pretty well for being a halo newbie
  16. ya besides sprint, everything looks ok to me. but still more info not seen yet (wall climbing rumors, ground pounds ect ect) should see everything tomorrow!!
  17. to get the casuals who've only played games with ads for the past 8 years.
  18. it doesn't look like the ar was ads in any of those. although the guy at neo gaf did confirm the ar does have ads. and lol at that p90 gun with a red dot.
  19. actually they do. they stole the smart pistol from titanfall.
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