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  1. str8 was the only previous mlg brand team that had jerseys and even sponsor logos at the launch event. Maybe t2 wants to grow his brand instead of joining an org.
  2. i believe they hit off LoL and CSGO also, so maybe not.
  3. How Many Times Can A Sword Be Used Before It Runs Out Of energy? It's like 8 or 10 right? Maybe that's why they put the timer at 4 minutes in fear of having 3 to 4 swords being used on the map at once.
  4. what is serious amount tho. I remember during the h4 launch event on friday night, the stream had like 14k concurrent and puckett literally tweeted out something like "wow the all time halo viewership record was just smashed". though that tournament ended up getting 40k on sunday
  5. maybe fnatic and complexity will be joining halo soon. they were one of the first power house orgs to pick teams up. now they can just use their names too, they dont have to include the mlg owned teams in their name any more and be forced to use the mlg team name jerseys on main stage.
  6. would this work with the ranking system they are doing with halo 5?
  7. breakout is basically the execution gametype for gow. i guess quinn delhoy added it because of his gears background. same problem when i played exec in gears. no objective, very slow/campy. idk how it played out in the gow LAN scene. maybe the pros played it faster or slower
  8. idk i couldnt find an option for that. even on the computer
  9. Just did the xbox one save one drive youtube bullshit lol. theater has an option to save a clip right to the xbox one upload app. then i just downloaded the clip on my computer via onedrive then uploaded to youtube. went pretty quick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfYV9ymm44c&feature=youtu.be
  10. once they get the dedicated servers and matchmaking fixed i'll never go to customs unless its like infection or w.e
  11. o ok. i thought you can download for free then have it forever. lol
  12. fun/funny game, got the xbox one bundle with hit. sad to see its free lol. maybe i shouldve waited a couple of days to get the AC bundle =.(
  13. been finding games ok. atleast in h2a. games arent being played on dedicated servers rigth?
  14. i agree game looks good. can't wait to try it out. also is the br now single shot?
  15. For any articles posted on the front page, can you guys leave the authors twitter or w.e social media we can follow them on?
  16. i think its the HCS playlist. which is why i dont think any of this matters. would they listen to us to change things around for HCS? i mean it's still the preseason but IDK. dynamic powerup timers + static weapon timers =D thats my suggestion. add more things to control on the maps. would HCS support forge maps?
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