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  1. so now clg will be on the same side of the bracket as eg for the season finals. this is going to be interesting
  2. I think dynamic can work in CE, there just needs to be some adjustments and changes in terms of how long the items run on the timer in relation to the size of the map. yea in quake the movement is a lot faster which is why 25/35 seconds work. and there are maps where mega spawns on a 2 minute timer ala vertical vengeance and that works well too. so CE dynamic timers can work, just gotta test and switch things up. and ce timers are already longer than quake timers in the first place. one question is tho how can someone prefer static in CE over dynamic when there isn't a CE to test dynamic in the first place. i dont think it's ever been tested. im not saying i prefer dynamic timers for CE, just want to see how it would play out. maybe it can be better. Thats like me saying i prefer dynamic over static in Quake Live, when i've never played Quake with static timers. Maybe Quake with static timers would be even better, idk lol.
  3. well you can always adjust the timers to fit in the CE playstyle. also add in an in game clock lol. but ya i think dynamic would work good in CE with a few other adjustments/changes. edit: and when i say dynamic, i mean like in quake. not in the newer halos where people can hold on to weapons to delay spawns. also i liked in h3 MLG that there was a mixture of static for weapons and dynamic for powerups, only crappy part was the ability to dirty the weapon timers =(.
  4. that's a bummer. I'm still gnna buy req packs to support hcs I guess.
  5. Can you trade skins/gift them? If not I wouldn't give a damn about them unless i fall in love with warzone. This system is like a mixture of advanced warfare gun/armor packs and titanfall burn cards. Dunno how it's going to play out.
  6. any idea how that would work? does the custom leader get to choose server location?
  7. is there going to be dedicated servers for custom matches? for the gears of war ultimate edition they will have dedicated servers for everything including private matches. hopefully halo 5 will have the same.
  8. im just pointing out that people are drastically overestimating the amount of viewers back then.
  9. i remember for the h4 mlg launch tournament it got 40k and pucket retweeted something like, "halo has DESTROYED its previous viewership record". it seems like halo had even less viewers than people thought.
  10. you guys can always try quake live. doesnt require a good pc. yeah the f2p model sucks but i heard big things are happening when they go full steam exclusive around quakecon: -Real Matchmaking -Ranks -Lobbies -Voice Chat -VAC support -Possibility of Steam Workshop Items
  11. quake live is definitely not done right as a f2p game. any way they are trying this buying guns thing for halo russia maybe because thats how world of tanks is and that game is really big in russia. i think it got to a point where you can buy stronger ammunition for your tank. russians eat it up i guess
  12. i think its good that its on IG's twitch channel. Halo needs to grow on all levels and IG have shown they are loyal to halo. If IG grows their twitch numbers, they can possibly show the growth to sponsors and host even more LANs in the future. It's their event so their channel should be the one used.
  13. This was the first time I stopped playing a beta so early. I didn't even touch H5 after the new year
  14. http://www.forbes.com/pictures/mlg45ehell/kevin-franklin-29/ saw a tweet mentioning fwiz and nadeshot in the 30 under 30 games category and saw this
  15. I was expecting more than 50k for the hcs finals since they had 400k for h4.
  16. is it bullet magnetism or do the hitboxes just trail the model. i've been getting kills hitting players around walls. like my bullet either curves or the hitbox is really trailing lol
  17. how does the ranking system work. so my first 2 games on h5 i did horrible the other team was good. then i won 7 out of the remainding 8 pre rank games i had and did a lot better with better k/d and stuff but i got placed silver =,((((. so after being placed silver 2 i won a bunch of games gaining like 7 to 10 points after each win. i finally get to silver 3 then i was really close to finally getting gold but we lost and i ended up losing 80 points for one loss...........it takes forever to gain points but i lose a huge chunk for one loss and the game was against a rank of semi pro like wtf lol forever silver
  18. i cant even play lol. keep getting the server connection issue.
  19. why does 343 always make one form of movement in 3rd person? idk it urks me every time i see the spartan tackle/dash thing go in 3rd person...........
  20. played a bunch of ce games! did really well in some games, and did pretty meh in some others. how would i prevent this from happening again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB8CFj9IXSE lol both my teammates ended up quitting 2 minutes later.
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