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  1. I play csgo/quake live on 140+ fps with 144hz monitor and I will take 60fps over 30fps any day. 60 fps is better than 30 for gameplay. If 1.6 (arguably the more competitive title) was capped at 30fps and csgo (arguably the noobier) was capped at 60fps. Everyone would prefer csgo just because of the performance difference, which dramatically effects gameplay. Fps is life dawg
  2. i agree halo 5 base gameplay is fine from what i played too. it's just not "halo" but from a competitive standpoint halo 5 vanilla is kinda good. the best vanilla halo since ce
  3. wow so the spectator mode is not that good......=,( o well.
  4. I know there's no forge yet and the playlists suck but at least there is a spectator mode. A pretty good one too
  5. kind of not the same. 2v2 is not the main game mode for competitive since ce. 4v4 is there for h5 with their hcs Playlist. Csgo does have a lot of problems (gameplay wise) which is why people bitch. niWhat he is trying to say is that while doubles is important, the way majority of people express or show their feedback is not the right way to get the attention of 343. Idk I guess everyone is sensitive now everywhere lol but adding snarky comments and jifs with "feedback" can take away from the main point of the discussion. dankIt just seems like a lot of the posts on beyond give off a vibe of hate with the posts like they are insinuating 343 are a bunch of ******* lol. Sorry for the rough grammar haha.
  6. he didn't say no one does. Lol another smart ass comment
  7. This list isn't that bad compared to other releases I guess. But 2 juggernaut mp games are coming out after halo 5, blops 3 and battlefront. 343 needs to have a better lineup for release. What happens if the highlight game mode warzone flops with casuals and they get bored after a week?
  8. to be fair, halo is pretty unique fps ( the old ones atleast) and the console experience for halo is better on xbox than on pc imo. This is a halo forum so what would u expect from halo fans lol.
  9. I'm stuck at le right now. I feel like ima be eagle for atleast amother month lol
  10. I actually think ql loadouts are fine and I was the one who blew up the whole loadout testing phase last year on esr. Ctf and duel are basically the same (no loadouts). Ffa and tdm pubs improved from a casual fun point of view in and the main competitions still use the old ql tdm settings. The main problem with ql is the business model. It's a subcription based game that limits non subcribers to a few maps they can play/vote on. danIt's missing features needed for a standard 2010 game.
  11. I don't think there will be a market in h5. Is it confirmed that you can buy/sell individual weapons. If not then there won't be any monetary value for h5 skins.
  12. I feel like warzone is going to flop and have a smaller population than normal ts, btb and maybe even hcs after the first couple of months.
  13. danI think it's random. Just like the cod aw model. Not going to be able to trade/give specific skins or buy them off a marketplace. It's specifically packs or special codes ie the preorder weapon codes.
  14. The 3 different timing systems is exactly what h5 is, a cluster fuck of different types of games. It doesn't know what it wants to be. I can't believe the dynamic system with delaying the timer until the weapon gets dropped system is even considered. That's such a horrible system
  15. I'm expecting a surprise DOOM 4 tournament at quakecon because they literally made quake live limited to one tournament this year instead of the usual 2.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A7a4lpwEWE what do you guys think? Should there be other items besides vehicles, weapons, and armor in REQ packs?
  17. ok i see. sorry for being a little ignorant to your point.
  18. ya thats why i said you cant have it work with how ce is now. things need to be worked around and tweaked to suite it. like having distinct sounds when an item is picked up. what im saying is it can work, we dont know how well it can work with tweaks since its never been done. its weird to just call it off like "nope it just wouldnt work at all with ce" we really dont know.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A7a4lpwEWE i made a video talking about other REQ Pack items. lol let me know what you guys think
  20. quake 2v2 and 4v4s work well with dynamic timers. tdm is still being played (in competitions) by europeans on esreality to this day. the quakecon tournament this year is 2/3rds 4v4 and there is less emphasis on duel. ya im not saying slapping on dynamic to the current CE would work 100%, other things would need to be tweaked. But just like everything else, it would be interesting to see how a CE with tweaked settings would work with dynamic timers. Never seen it played out. cant count it out based on speculation
  21. Started a new halo/xbox youtube channel. I'm going to be posting a video 5 days a week. My first video is short but ill be making videos with commentary/thoughts about halo, the game and scene. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0UKRi7jnPa8
  22. I think there is skill in even memorizing static weapon times. Obviously for static you don't really have to do any math but more of memorizing. It's kind of like memorizing the king of the hill rotations. dank tI remember for cod aw, their hard point gametype which is similar to koth,optic and faze were playing in the finals. Formal must've forgotten where the next hill would spawn because he went to the other side of the map (detroit) opposite of where the new hill/hardpoint was spawning. This cost optic the ability to challenge and setup at the new hill since faze had a man advantage on that side of the map. Faze ended up winning the map and won the first aw big lan event. It's small things like memorizing that add to the game. Of course memorizing is dumbed down since coaches are allowed in halo. So it's reasonable why in game timers/announcers are in h5
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