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  1. Well I'm done with my honeymoon already.
  2. It's not universal though because breakout is in hcs too which doesn't have radar and has stronger weapons. It doesn't make any sense to claim radar is in hcs because it's to keep universal settings
  3. in terms of visuals, warzone looks like a real next gen game while all of arena looks worse than halo 3. is this a right assessment? lol
  4. lol thanks man. anyone have any upsets to predict for the first round of the major? i seriously have liquid beating vp.
  5. pistol kill time should be a little faster, other than that i always had the feeling that halo 5 felt like advanced warfare without the double jumping bullshit
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-Z39OyXktY had a really lucky scout shot, just wanted to share lol
  7. They are trying to capture everybody, this is what they were looking for with warzone. http://www.gamerevolution.com/features/warzone-halo-5-is-the-best-battlefield-game-of-2015
  8. i agree, i think halo 3 mcc visually looks better sadly lol.
  9. any one else get turned off when you go 3rd person for the ground pound or shoulder tackle? it just irks me everytime i see it. like it takes you out of the game imo
  10. even so, 343 are highlighting warzone and breakout which are polar opposites of default. Why try and make universal settings when at launch practically every playlist is a different halo
  11. sprint is like the biggest problem with the new halos. Idk I'd rather see it get nerfed into oblivion while normal movement getting buffed.
  12. doesn't make sense since there is breakout swat and warzone. Idk lol
  13. id actually support radar if it doesn't show normal movement and shooting. That would really fuck sprint
  14. wow wtf then lol. How did they accept it for hcs. DamN that sucks
  15. I was watching that prodigy guy play and I noticed enemies not showing up on radar when they were normal running. And some people a few days ago said that radar shows people using special spartan abilities sprint thrust ect ect. Dunno if it's 100% true or not.
  16. ya, but apparently you show up on radar when you sprint, thruster, and shoot. Normal movement doesn't show.
  17. h5 has 3 different timers. Static, normal dynamic ie quake, and that bs dynamic ie halo 2. I forgot which sets of weapons/powerup have whatever timer it is.
  18. really tempted to go to a mom n pop shop in nyc to get me a copy. lol
  19. lets talk about halo 5 guardians !!!! who are the lucky bastards here that have the game already XD
  20. Fps effects gameplay. Why do all the top quake players turn down visuals and resolution, but have their frames going above 120+? Because fps effects their performance and gameplay dramatically.
  21. It'd just some words lemon used that were just wtf like "akin to visual comfort". Its not comfort, one performs better than the other and makes the gameplay better than how it would play at a lower frame rate.
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