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  1. I would care. But my point is how an esport becomes big. not that a uber competitive game is necessary. I would love to have a ce type halo having a big competitive fan base similar to cod and other games. ok doju ur point with cod just justifies my point. that has nothing to do with gameplay. its everything else around it. even with its shittiest game or the cod equivalent of reach/halo 4 cod had its biggest year. the shitty gameplay of ghosts did not deny cod of having a stellar esports year.
  2. LoL didn't when it came out. no spec mode? his post was stating those games had esports FIRST in priority which they didn't. and my point with the competitive gameplay has to do with my first post which he replied to. edit: also where do i say that LoL doesnt have esports in mind NOW? i said it was an afterthought. which it was Dota 2 came out with a million dollar tournament in beta. before the game even came out. that had esports in mind from the beginning.
  3. cod is having its biggest year even with its shittiest game. . csgo didn't get big until valve added weapons skins to support community tournaments. the uber competitive gameplay did not have a significant impact in terms of popularity for esports. other wise csgo wouldve been getting bigger numbers before the skin systems were implemented.
  4. LoL didn't even have spectator mode when it came out, A PC MULTIPLAYER GAME didnt have spectator mode.........that was an after thought. Please, besides DOta 2 those games do not have esports as a first priority. CSGO was trash for its first year. esports was an afterthought. it was missing spec features that even 1.6 had. my point is, a game does not need to be uber ultra coompetitive to be an esport.
  5. but look at cod. competitive gameplay isn't that significant for esports. its good to have but having slower strafe or any of that other negative shit doesn't determine whether a game will be successful esports wise.
  6. cod crowd is huge. but they are so quiet lol. Smash crowd is hype!
  7. smash is easier tho its mostly 1v1. Unless future halo LANs will be 1v1/2v2 it will be difficult running it for 3 games or 4 (LOL YES THERE MAY BE A FEW HALO PLAYERS THAT PREFER HALO 4). look how hard it is for the community to agree on settings for one game. imagine it with 4 games. as much as i'd hate to say it, there probably will be only 1 game that will be played for tournaments. and how thats decided is what MLG or w.e big organizer hosts the first few LANS/tournaments decides.
  8. coming back! can't wait to play ce multiplayer =D and i'm really interested in h5. beta a month after the collection drops.. hype!!
  9. I see titan not even making it out of their group. lol
  10. Are those casters available? how much are they charging too? maybe IG wants to help new casters like Valen and hopefully have them grow into wonderful casters like the ones you mentioned. What's wrong with that? I feel like Valen is doing a great job and is improving with every cast.
  11. To my knowledge CSGO isn't having any big time casters for IG. yet no one gives IG flack. the halo community is just too whiney and picky. LAN Valen and the other casters are fine. They are doing pretty good for new casters. Remember how gandhi was at his first season with MLG? he was terrible. constant stuttering. IG can do a lot better, but they are learning. this is their first season. they did work with agl in the past but just for production. running a league/LAN season is totally new for IG give them a chance.
  12. new movement video by ut3 champ hypno
  13. beyond should have a csgo section/coverage. =)
  14. I never been a fan of IGN. just the whole website and layout. i never really felt connected with any of their staff members. with Giant bomb and gamespot, i always felt connected and their websites look better too.
  15. wow new twitch features for csgo. watch by map or rank of player.
  16. so i heard the european teams are also attending the iron gaming finals in rtx. back to back weekend LANS in NA with Euro teams! Awesome.
  17. the movement is slower, it just feels clunky to me, the movement doesnt feel smooth and fluid. dodging is ok.
  18. thats different. it was called "halo 4 global championship". not "virgin gaming/microsoft halo 4 league". 343 teamed up with virgin gaming and microsoft http://majornelson.com/2013/07/03/halo-4-global-championship-announced-500000-in-prizes-are-on-the-line/ this iron gaming season is called just that "Iron Games Season One" and the finals is specifically still called "Iron Games Finals at RTX". http://www.irongames.org/#!schedule/c1vma 343 never had a "Virgin Gaming Halo 4 Global Championship" never ever ever. stop trying to grasp for straws please. also the fact that this thread would be in the halo section of the forums would imply that it is a halo event. regardless of Iron Gaming being in the title or not.
  19. thats tough. because a league's priority will always be marketing and business. what will be the most popular, what makes the most money. they have to survive. and honestly if halo 5's mechanics are going to be straight dog shit, it doesnt matter how good the map design is. it'll be a shit game still imo. nothing will be able to fix it.
  20. i just want to know what your point is though. do you want IG to pick up halo ce instead of halo 4? do you want future Leagues to pick up halo ce instead of halo 5 or w.e new halo comes out, assuming that future halo titles are not on the same competitive level as halo ce or even halo 2. the leagues have to stick with the newer titles in order to survive. halo ce doesnt have a big enough grass roots scene to make a super smash bros melee type comeback for growth and exposure
  21. this is the tough view point though. yes halo ce is the most competitive halo. but there have been esports models where the latest/new or fresher game(s) of a series have to be played in order to get viewership or have an adequate demographic to market to. BUT there have been exceptions where my first statement has been proven wrong. aka look at super smash bros melee. old game but getting more competitions/viewers ect ect. its growing. we would never know if an older halo title can have the same success as a smash bros for a comeback. there are huge differences (smash is 1v1 primarily while halo is primarily 4v4, ce was a better 2v2 game tho).
  22. http://halo.bungie.net/news/content.aspx?type=topnews&cid=14347

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