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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvyWYJZubkU&feature=youtu.be new hot hot
  2. http://esreality.com/post/2611726/first-eight-invited-players-for-quakecon/dank teafirst 8 quakecon invites announced. Fat also hosting his annual pre quakecon tournies. http://esreality.com/post/2611328/fatal1ty-pre-quakecon-tourney-2014/dank tthis quakecon tourney looking good already. I think evil might win this.
  3. Sucks that navi has to play with a sub.hopefully that edward dude gets his passport in time for rtx
  4. There's gotta be a separate testing team that doesn't include competing players.
  5. I like this idea. another thing i always wanted to tinker with was something similar to the focus rifle in reach, like a much nerfed version.
  6. h4gc was a totally different situation. it was one summer one event. i'll agree to disagree. i'm not saying h5 can be so shitty but as long as it has dev support it can be a huge esports title. I'm saying competitive gameplay in regards to crisp movement, amount of bullet mag, lunge, all these technical things are not that significant for a game to be a big esport (which was the point of my initial response to bigshow). h5 can be like h3 in terms of nasty ass movement and gross aim smoothing, but as long as the core halo gameplay alongside huge amount of esports support (spec mode, skin system, dev money for LAN seasons) is there, halo players will play it. All that technical shit is minute. We'll just have to wait and see with h5.
  7. my mistake you're last post before that with the global/international meaning with the IEM Katowice csgo event threw me off.
  8. and i like how you dismiss my other point of csgo. skins. which is was really the significant factor of csgo explodiing with stream numbers and popularity. my initial response to ledzepillin was about the importance of aspects such as crispy strafe, aim assist. when i said time and time again that those are not significant for the games esport success bring this into csgo. what competitive aspects of csgo have propelled it to become huge? how did it start getting 150k viewers? the gameplay for csgo is still very iffy. the registration and movement on the 64 tick servers aren't good. valve also makes slight gameplay changes like the different grenade undertoss and they even made the scoping on the aug/ssg look like cod ads. theres problems with the smoke grenades right now. many players say it takes way less skill than 1.6. the skins made it possible for valve to host these bigger tournaments which in turn made the competition bigger and viewers can bet their skins. How a player moves in csgo whether its cripser than 1.6 or not has nothing to do with how big it got. It's all the features around it. The built in streaming has also helped csgo with twitch streamers.
  9. yeah i realize that. but stop saying csgo is global. when its not. it is international. it has a huge european scene. but its na scene is small. and asian scene/south american scene is close to non existent. that doesn't make it a global game.
  10. its not. they showed a trailer for competitive at E3. they could've just showed a campaign trailer only. that multiplayer trailer screamed esports. also they love copying things, cod has and will be getting more developer esport support. i'm sure 343 will copy them.
  11. halo has had teams from australia and europe. it had leagues in those areas too. and other aspects like stream number wise csgo NA is still rather small. i think the cevo final had 12k tops? also the katowice event had 2 American teams and one australian team. there have been MLG events in the past for halo with the same amount of foreign teams. i can't even say csgo is global right now. NA is small, south america is smaller than NA, ASIA is like non existant. i think the problems in the South america and asian continent is they are heavily invested in games like CS basically like cs clones. There are a bunch over there. Theres a league in brazil i think that uses one of those cs clones. Europe is the only one doing really good. The european teams are the ones that bring in the viewers.
  12. what pr article? and ya csgo is not big in NA. or south america. and i never implied halo being on the level of cs. it was only big in NA like how csgo is currently only big in EU. yeah you're right on international i was thinking global lol. with a good league, season structure and dev funded tournaments, halo can be on the elite level. having crispy strafing or more/less aim assist will have nothing to do with that
  13. it doesnt have a decent scene in NA. its small but growing. but it doesnt make csgo an international game right now. which was you're point. and csgo improved but what really made it "huge" in terms of viewership? More structured season, SKINS for viewers/players to purchase and bet which helps events get people watching. People are still bitching at the competitive merit of csgo. compared to 1.6 focusing on competitive aspects like "crisp strafe, less aim assist" will not make or break halo esports wise. it's everything else (features, advertising, direct prize funding from 343) that will help halo become an elite 4 of esports.
  14. lol come one hes an egg. its a troll =D
  15. What if MLG has a MCC LAN in november and it has ce h2 and h3 maps/gametypes? do you think gandhi will switch UGC's settings based on what MLG does? or will he keep it h2 style.
  16. thanks! but we just said the same thing.
  17. the game has been improved but how gameplay wise? its still shit. all the improvements were features (spectator glitch removed, domination score continuation, competitive playlist added) in addition there have been many other outside factors improved (season structure, production value of tournaments, brands getting bigger). and no i still do not believe riots first priority is esports. its first priority will always be it's game and attracting casuals to play. esports is for those casuals to eventually grow in to keep them either playing or watching. you are right about their earlier esports ambitions, i never knew about that thread =D also why have csgo in the picture its really only big in europe right now. na is growing but not even close to being big. i just want to know your point. is having an uber competitive game the biggest factor of how successful an esport is? my point is, its good to have super competitive gameplay, but it does not determine whether a game is successful esports wise. The features within the game and the monetary investments made by the developer are way more significant to determine how big a game is esports wise.
  18. ya i said they were completely different things.
  19. besides DOta 2 those games do not have esports as a first priority. edit: also where do i say that LoL doesnt have esports in mind NOW? i said it was an afterthought. which it was first priority and not having esports in mind are two different things. LOL im sorry if i worded that wrong
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