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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mHdrbbBNkE made a new video about csgo. havent played it in a month so i missed out on the day the patch dropped. talked about the new scope visuals for the aug and ssg
  2. you can try quakelive! add me on. sulitdaniel you can also try csgo. fun game
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy6TVH8eGTw hope you all enjoy! =D
  4. optic aint even gonna qualify
  5. the ghille model is slightly bigger than the hitbox. So u can shoot spots at a ghille suite that wont hit since the hit box is smaller than the model.
  6. damn getting dropped from nv and optic.
  7. adam said there were close to 400k for dota 2. https://twitter.com/MrAdamAp/status/404709056410972160
  8. man this crowd is so quiet. fwiz and benson are louder than the whole crowd.
  9. just noticed for optics MLG stream, each post on chat automatically hashtags #opticgrind and retweets the mlg stream link to twitter. this is such a smart move by MLG.
  10. I'm not saying I'm a financial expert. I'm just stating what the CEO and VP of mlg said.
  11. did you even read my post. Sundance himself has said that. Adam has said that. Hosting events costs alot of money. halo team pass sales don't even cover a significant amount. Adam even said halo was never a stream juggernaut.
  12. . aquiring 50 million through venture capital. people believe in the mlg so they invest. Hoping that in the years down jt will become huge and make lots of money.
  13. the fact that it didn't get on usa the year after that. sundance stated the USA venture wasn't a success on that VVV podcast the losers bracket. don't know which # the podcast was. you know MLG never made a profit right? even through "the golden years" MLG was losing money.
  14. so whats going to happen. this might be the last halo agl event. what other events will be there for halo next year until h5 comes out...............
  15. but the players did get paid back. according to mikwen and chig from my understanding, MLG used to take 3 months to payout to. now they do it instantly
  16. brad said it on the stream. last AGL halo event. it looks like they are getting developer support from HiRez Studios, the creators of SMITE.
  17. dont hate on Valen. remember. gandhi was terribad when he first started casting. that first season, straight up stuttering and messing up his words. now he is considered one of the best halo casters. give valen a chance
  18. wow csgo is starting to grow. their stream numbers are going up. prize money going up. teams participating going up. player base going up. =D
  19. can't say it WILL be back. Activision might offer MLG another deal for "COD EXCLUSIVE FPS 2015" like they are doing for 2014. http://venturebeat.com/2013/08/16/call-of-duty-ghosts-will-make-its-e-sports-debut-at-major-league-gamings-november-event/ Halo Might be back. depends on what happens.
  20. i feel like AGL is setting themselves up to be disappointed. It's like they are expecting 20k viewers and 100+ teams just by switching to Halo 3.
  21. h4 is done. to oblivion. next gen is coming, tons of shooters will be available (COD, Battlefield, Titanfall, Destiny ect ect) these are all AAA games that are coming out. atleast with h2 when xbox 360 came out, the best option was like perfect dark zero (LMAO).
  22. halo 3 to ride the free release hype there might be players who never played halo 3 before. or players who would want to return to play halo 3 for free. reach v7 is better, but halo 3 for free will be more popular. h3 will also be cheaper to run i think
  23. all they really need is spectator mode. and by spec mode, i mean a basic one. they dont even need the fancy treyarch one though that would be a plus. there will be a recurring million dollar championship. and mlg is keeping it for next year. plus they have UMG, GFINITY, EGL and other smaller orgs. no theater mode isn't going to ruin the esport scene. no league play is the only real thing that can have a negative affect. then again gamebattles is still pretty big on non league play matches even when league play was introduced in bops 2. the gamemodes can be a toss up. no ctf and hp sucks. but there is still snd which can be the most entertaining mode (most suspense). then maybe dom can be playable in ghosts, maybe that new snd type gametype can work too.
  24. the humans the fallen then they have another flood race then the giant aliens that they havent seen in a while its like teh same thing. same thing as marathon too lol
  25. Just cancel the event and pay out the debt. Don't turn into CPL. also that arcadia thing doesn't look so interesting. It seems like it will be just like every other streamer house.
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