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  1. https://twitter.com/HiRezNabil/status/448590000150818816/photo/1 https://twitter.com/HiRezNabil/status/448616025899409408/photo/1 I wonder if the Smite Developers KNOW..............
  2. Give lan valen a chance. When gandhi started he was stutter king. Look where hes at now. Maybe lan valen can get really good at casting just needs more events to get experience
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofuWK7koeHM lol finally got a two for one =D also ctf is starting to get really boring. everyone is running flags inside their titans now and there are a million arc mines and satchel charges on the flags lol.
  4. They are testing how they are running a qualifier. Don't ask me ask them. lol. it's a test, it doesnt matter if it isn't dreamhack. they are treating it like it is like dreamhack in terms of importance. which is a good thing. testing is a good thing, even if it is an online qualifier.
  5. what ever system they are using. maybe the bracket system they are using. see how everything goes and runs. they are new to hosting tournaments they have production experience but not hosting experience. all in all it says "TEST RUN" if you are dumping 50k of your own money into something better test out what you are doing edit: also many experience organizers like MLG, Dreamhack ESL ect ect still make mistakes with online tournaments. shit happens.
  6. lol its a TEST run. calm down. and from what they said they will be hosting multiple qualifiers, so its not going to be only limited to 16 or 32 teams.
  7. If anyone plays alot of attrition u shud try using the minion detector. U get so much more creep score with it. http://youtube.com/watch?v=6OPTKRHTR-0
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LIVG_6IzD0 Basic Jumps For All 15 Titanfall Maps. Time Stamps Below. 00:02 Air Base 01:31 Angel City 02:20 Boneyard 03:08 Colony 04:02 Corporate 05:20 Demeter 06:18 Fracture 07:34 Lagoon 09:02 Nexus 10:13 Outpost 207 11:23 Overlook 12:43 Relic 13:38 Rise 15:09 Smugglers Cove 16:01 Training Ground
  9. nice! and i see sound proof booths. although for fps games i think sound proof booths take away from the trashtalk and mind games.
  10. FOV slider, more aim sensitivity options, and ablility to configure all the buttons on your controller ie i can choose to jump on any button i want.
  11. are you talking about the vvv interview where he says he can run the next 5 years with sc2 and LoL?
  12. Thought I'd bump this up. There is another Indie Arena Shooter Coming out! Telos! and it has a grappling hook =D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju7JkJ4z9k8
  13. coL got fucked up with that group =( i hope they get through i think iBP can pull an upset over fnatic.
  14. Who's going to win? I got final boss baby with the upset. LFG!!!!! snipedown will go huge with a 40 bomb on blitz
  15. bunch of new arena fps games coming out for pc. made a video with my thoughts lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUwrEcIkM_Q&feature=c4-overview&list=UUl6v2aHZoS4EmbAL9hAtloA
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYu6X0RzvcA&t=66m25s listen at 1:06:25 OK so i listened to this podcast a few days ago and i remembered this part of the show where they (MrX and UMG dudes) were talking about some new FPS games that are going to Really focus on esports and drop some $$$$ prize money that will rival what cod gets. They aren't talking about Titanfall, thats ruled out. Is it halo? Battlefield? Rainbowsix? new gears game?
  17. watching the stream right now. man csgo has so much activity right now!
  18. The only NA LAN right now is ESEA and they do online seasons with LAN finals. CSGO community is fine with Online. The tournaments are fine. Honestly as long as you ping 75 or less online is fine imo. also console fps are starting to do more invitationals. COD had 4 invitational LANS last year 2 Gfinitys and 2 MLG LANS.
  19. "TL;DR No game will be eSports viable with live events until there is a way to make money off the game past initial sales and map packs. " "That is what I remember. It was mainly from donations." I dont know if i read that right but i just gave you an example with dota 2 which is a game that lets organizations like MLG, Starladder, Dreamhack, ect ect create in game items to resell for profit. Dota 2 also has a built in stream system where you can sync up the commentators for tournaments, which organizers can also sell similar to HD stream passes in the past. Sorry if i misread your post or not
  20. so my post show a game already has a microtransaction model for organizations like MLG to profit off of. there was even talks of a sundance dota 2 voice pack.
  21. the compendium was for the international 3. it also had items/content with it. you didn't just donate to the prize money. you got items in return. it was a sale which Valve took a cut and another cut of the sales went straight to the prize money. what i was talking about was for MLG cbus where MLG created in game items to sell for their MLG event. MLG made money, Valve made money, and MLG increased the cbus dota 2 prize money 3x. thats not a donation. they sold items........
  22. it's not donation. MLG created in game items which they put up for sale. one was a HUD, a carrier, trinket ect ect. MLG took a cut, Valve took a cut and another portion of the sales went towards the prize money. thats not donation when there are items on sale.............
  23. valve's games are self sustaining. did you see how much the prize increased for the mlg dota 2 tournament? theres dota 2 already. their initiative with the selling of in game items thing works. MLG made money and even tripled the dota 2 cbus prize money. valve also made money since they take a cut

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