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  1. didn't halo ce have more maps for MLG? halo 2 for mlg had 5 maps maxed. halo ce for mlg had 9 maps. i'd argue that the 9 maps for ce were vastly different in structure/gameplay too. halo 2 competitive used 3 2 based medium/small sized maps, 1 asymmetrical map and one 4 base small symmetrical map.
  2. the funny thing is, people used timers at CE LANS. am i right or wrong lol
  3. I dont think its a good idea for someone that is currently competing to have such a big impact on what gametypes should be played. gametypes need to be created by a group with no intentions of competing in LANS/tournaments and have no monetary connections with people competing.
  4. idk im not hating but i just never liked the movement and feel of any unreal tournament game. lol gnna give this one a shot though since QL's business model basically ruined it for me.
  5. true this is why League of Legends for Gfinity bombed so badly. none of the top teams went. i think the LoL gfinity stream had around 1k watching.
  6. danya the numbers couldve beena bit higher. But there are ppl here expecting thousands for a tournament with players no one cared about.
  7. prize pool still didnt matter. 2k is not that much. These were still all amateur players that no one cared about. Numbers are going to be low.
  8. Wasnt this lan amateurs only though? Like I posted before its like expecting an nba d league game to get the same amount of viewers as a miami heat vs clippers game.
  9. i dont think its the promotion. both the csgo and halo qualifiers were amateur only. thats like expecting a NBA D league game to get the same viewership of a miami heat la clipper game. theres rumors of the euro csgo teams that qualify for the esea finals to also attend the iron games LAN final. if this is true, im sure the LAN finals for iron games will get good viewership. same with halo since the pros will also be attending.
  10. you can also do cevo http://cevo.com/ they have seasonal structures tho. i think the next season starts in a couple of months.
  11. i think both csgo and h4 will have attendance problems. dunno about viewership for csgo, if the top teams come i think it can get good numbers. for h4, if gandhi brav and every other well known person retweets, i think it can do better than the best AGL event. many halo players/personalities are gaining popularity through their cod ventures.
  12. woah did the prize pool get downgraded? wasn't it 50k for the voted games? so 25k split? now its 20k? iono lol
  13. LOL the amount of drama creation is enormous. http://criminal.laws.com/inmate-search/ny/frank-bowen BRO Where did you get your plasty to turn white? Why were you in jail? Now you play games to cover up your past? Wow, what a scum.........
  14. they posted a while back that they have been "meeting" with several game developers to see which games will be developer supported for their season. and there had to be a reason why they were promoting smite so much, even promoting their Atlanta tournament. I don't think this is "out of nowhere". They've been hinting at it. look at their twitter history. i think you are blowing this out of proportion. And obviously hi rez hasn't done anything wrong, they just gave $100k to the tsm smite team that won their tournament.
  15. https://twitter.com/GNSemperFi/status/450817773107949568
  16. so i guess IG picking up csgo. there no way that lucy chick "learning" csgo tonight for no reason lol
  17. we should make beyond community teams for future cevo seasons lol
  18. Is it possible to put all the halos in one tab? rigth now its just halo 3. it would be cool if it had all halos. also are you going to put a titanfall tab? and a destiny one?
  19. wow watching this fragbite online tournament titan vs virtus. crazy series!!! csgo is really growing up to 33k viewers for an online tournament
  20. you guys would still like it? no superbouncing, no button glitches. just a question any thing you would want changed? -less aim assist -less bullet mag -ce weapon timer -less lunge

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