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  1. Update 1.1 https://www.reflexarena.com/news/2017/04/reflex-1-1-0/ Notable Changes: ​added an announcer (sounds like a transformer, sounds pretty cool not cringey) added drop in/force out in casual mm (before players couldn't join casual mm games in progress) art change to furnace duel map (made it a japanese theme)
  2. I'm excited for qc. There are numerous people in esr that are excited.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_AWczGKlhI
  4. It looks good. There will be an exhibition match with high level quakeworld and quakelive players on Saturday after the duel finals I think. Hard to judge the trailer with shitty gameplay.
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/84288219/diabotical-by-the-gd-studio 2GD's Game is officially a year away from release! Diabotical in a nutshell: The best bits of the genre, improved and fine-tuned by ex-pros Classic and new game modes for both solo and team play Plenty of cosmetic customization In-house engine, multi-user map editor and modding support Extensive community and esport features The game will be on Steam for Windows at around the $10-15 mark 10-12 months left in development, closed beta asap What to expect on launch day from gameplay: Enhanced movement system Seven weapons Power-ups and gadgets (no loadouts) Armour and health pick-ups (no regeneration) Classic game modes like TDM, FFA, CTF, DUEL, CA, IG, Defrag, plus three new game modes including Wingbot (Co-op 2v2) Lots and lots of maps What to expect on launch day from competitive features: Dedicated servers and LAN support Ladders Rank matchmaking (solo and team) Comprehensive stats and social features Automatic in-game tournament system with prizes Community-created tournaments What to expect on launch day from customization: Free and open modding support Multi-user map editor Plenty of eggbot and weapon skins (both free and premium) Team-skins and stickers Global announcer sound packs, eggbot voice chips and animations Customizable HUDS (html5) Pipeline for community-created maps and cosmetics This has bigger potential than other indie AFPS games like reflex. 2GD has a lot of connections within the esports side of gaming. There are big figures from other communities like CSGO, DoTA, SC2, ect that are already promoting the title. Really excited and surprised by the game. I didn't think i'd like the egg models but with the different skins it looks pretty good!
  6. im saying they never replied to you in terms of casual twitch viewership. all the replies to you in terms of smash have been about the competitive scene specifically tournaments. i know you tried to switch the discussion towards personal twitch viewers. but the point is the basis of their argument is wanting the halo competitive scene to be like the competitive smash scene. and its a fact that even non evo LANS have done way better than halo 5. halo 5 needed summit, just to get close to 100k viewers for the biggest console prized tournament ever. halo is being inflated with money without building up the competitive community first. smash has no where near the developer support of halo 5, yet because of the strong community, still destroys halo in terms of competitive viewership and participation.
  7. to be fair they are talking about viewership in regards to tournaments. and while both smash games have low non event viewership on twitch, their compeittive events do much better than halo. i think smash on the youtube side is bigger than halo too.
  8. Great news. Hopefully the timers aren't full fledged reflex where it's on ur hud. I hope it's like the quake live update a year or two ago where it's just above the item and you had be to like 5 feet away to see it.
  9. excited for this. fundamentals will still be there, strafe jumping, item timing ect ect. just need to see how exactly the champions differ from one another.
  10. game looks great. im glad the movement system is still there. i hope it launches with essential mp features ie custom lobby, ranked and social playlists.
  11. im not just talking about duel. every normal quake mode duel, tdm, ctf, ffa, has been way less popular than CA which contradicts traditional gameplay. CA has always been the most popular. i totally understand why id software wants to make changes/additions to the normal gameplay. for almost a decade now they see that most players aren't even playing actual quake. its like if 90% of the halo population for the past 4 titles strictly played SWAT. i'm fine with id adding small abilities and different characters with speed/health stats as long as the movement mechanics and item pickups are still there. I don't think the classes will be significant like overwatch.
  12. i'm ready for some things to be added. CA popularity has shown that most quake players don't even play normal quake
  13. even in prealpha its really well made already. graphics are beautiful it has many features, more than QL already. i was surprised because there have been a bunch of events on twitch with streamers promoting the game. they flew out phantom lord and others to the stuido to play/stream the game. also its been in a lot of articles on various gaming sites ie verge gamespot ect ect imo it should have more players than QL right now. and even for a pre alpha, its UNREAL i thought the name itself would generate more players than QL atleast
  14. and thats actually the biggest problem of quake live. the big diversity of gametypes that contradict one another. things just dont line up clan arena - 1 life, everyone starts full stack, all weapons. no pickups on the map, cant do self damage ffa - normal ql gameplay duel - normal ql gameplay 1v1 tdm - ql gameplay BUT weapons spawn way longer ctf - ql gameplay but with runes and shit freeze tag - wtf theres too many differences in terms of how things work between each game mode. nothing is cohesive. for most games usually with different gametypes everything gameplay mechanic wise is the same the only thing different is the objective. but ql is just a clusterfuck. hopefully champions fixes this issue.
  15. thanks to skins THAT HAVE VALUE you can't just use CSGO as an example. out of the three valve games with microtransactions it has the most healthiest market place. not only that but a big part of "pure arena shooters" are things like force enemy model options. that completely diminishes the value of skins. why would anyone want to get character skins if people can just force how everyone looks like. i wrote up an article years ago on esreality about skins. every single rebuttal made sense. hence everyone hated the idea. weapon skins would make it harder to distinguish what an opponent is currently using. ect ect ect the new doom single player is highly praised but thats single player. and like i said before. clan arena. complete contradiction of quake gameplay is yup the most popular thing in quake live. people (quake purists) dont want new things like abilities yet majority of ql players play a gametype that isnt even quake
  16. its actually apparent in quake. whats the most popular game mode? clan arena. a mode that totally contradicts what an arena shooter is. and UT has had some events on twitch. they even flew in phantom lord lol. not huge marketing but that still should bring in more players than QL.
  17. i dont think the abilities are going to be drastic ala overwatch. it might be normal quake gameplay with different characters having an ultimate ability like a wallhack for 10 seconds or a short teleport ablility. i cant judge it until i see actual gameplay. but if it was just a normal arena shooter, shit will be low population a week after release. they want a shooter with a lot of players. stuff has to change in order for that to happen. otherwise we might as well just keep playing quake live. the new UT has less players than QL, better graphics, better features (even if its still in pre alpha), its free, but no one plays it. the gameplay has to change to get more players. i'd rather they try something new because at the end of the day there'll always be quake live, reflex, warsaw and what do all these have in common? low population ( very low)
  18. If somehow 343 pulls a 180 and reverts to old style halo (no sprint, no smart scope) how will they explain it canon wise?
  19. this optic team has a chance to make a major. they are already competing against the top NA teams including Luminosity. Also optic will be providing the the CSGO team with it's own house. I remember they had some cool late game executions on inferno during cevo. maybe having the whole team in a good practice environment would help them develop even better strats/tactics.
  20. whats working for me right now is just playing the game like a couple hours a week. having like one to two nights of "halo night" this game just doesn't give me that feeling of playing it for long hours.
  21. It's not just one map heroes it's literally all the maps clumped into one playlist and anyone can make it so they can choose exactly what map to play. Theoretically, if someone wants to wait 5 to 7 min for a match, they can only pick aztec. The ranking system doesn't make sense because someone who just plays office and mirage can progress through the ranks the same as someone who plays dust 2, Aztec, dust, inferno. They are literally playing different games and settings. Sorry for the lumped paragraph I'm on my phone lol
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpifNFuEj9Q what do you guys think? should csgo get playlists like you see in halo? always thought that being able to restrict your own map pool to one kinda made ranks irrelevant in csgo
  23. you should be able to choose your region so you dont get fucked with dedicated servers (NA East/West, EU East/West, Australia ect ect) but then the population problem will kick in. what if not enough people of the same rank are playing in a region?
  24. So its confirmed that ranks reset every month?
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