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  1. Squeak

    Film Discussion

    I would personally rate this as my #2 movie of all time next to Goodburger.
  2. Squeak

    Film Discussion

    Ex Machina - 7/10
  3. Hey guys, just letting you know it's my last week to play any if you want. Gonna be working in New Mexico for 3 months. Might have a few chances to play in the summer though.
  4. Squeak

    Film Discussion

    Can anyone tell me when I am supposed to watch the Trailer Park Boys movies? I have no clue when to watch them at in the series.
  5. Squeak

    Film Discussion

    Mad Max was so worth the hype. I loved everything about the movie
  6. Squeak

    Film Discussion

    Just watched It Follows I really enjoyed everything about it except for one scene, I bet most could guess which one. On that note, I also watched The Guest last month and absolutely loved that movie. Mad Max tomorrow
  7. Yea I think i'm gonna take a break from ranked for awhile. I was doing fine up until the 3rd loss in a row when my ADC went 1/7 in lane while i went 4/1. Next game I play as malzahar and team blames me for getting kat fed whenever they didn't listen to mias at all. Then our lucian was bashing me at the endgame saying he hates low elo when he bought a black cleaver first item.
  8. The huge mistake of typing agor.io........
  9. I don't think a team has won with Sivir yet this tourny.
  10. The techonlogy just isnt there yet.
  11. What are you talking about?
  12. Watching SKT is a magical thing sometimes.
  13. Aww im just quoting some idiot probably on reddit. I wasn't paying attention to gold, only kills. The time of the bug they were 6k gold ahead.
  14. Either way I think FNC would have lost even if both bugs in the game didn't happen. They were running around like a chicken with its head cut off with a 10k gold lead. It could have been a spectator bug for all we know too because he really didn't have a reaction on his player cam to what happened.
  15. Same thing happened to Bang which cost them baron.
  16. THE THROWS! Edit: Love how the FNC fans are salty saying they lost because of a bug.
  17. Announcing Reckles on the team before a huge tournament was such a stupid idea.
  18. Squeak

    Film Discussion

    It was pretty much a huge tease through the entire movie. I won't spoil anything but don't go into it expecting Heisenberg vs Godzilla like I did.
  19. Yea, true that. Our MF ended up saying our Irelia did better then me.
  20. It's great when your team goes all AD after you pick an AD mid laner..... Silver 2 yet again.
  21. Ranked restriction over Won my first game of ranked. Plan on basically not saying anything in ranked ever again lol
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