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  1. Looking for people right now to help with The Respawn Project. I need 3. Each test will take 20-25 minutes. Message me here if interested. Gt is NBK TwelveGage. Here is a link to the forum post describing what I am doing if curious. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/11726-the-halo-respawn-project-a-coachs-ultimate-tool/?p=645045
  2. I have updated part of my post to better understand what is happening moving forward.
  3. Will be doing some testing today, so anyone interested in helping out should message me on here with an xbl gt and I will add and message you details
  4. This post will be journal entries of my progress with the actual excel sheets attached. Each spread sheet will have 4 pages: the data entry page, the diagram charts, percentage charts, and setup/notes. The idea is to use the diagram charts of what each spawn is called. Bottom Red has 6 different spawn points, the abbreviation is BR, so the spawns are labeled RB1-RB6. Then implementing each labeled spawn into the entry page. **Note** I have done this from a tablet so excel isn't as broad, even though it is the full version (If anyone knows how to get a frequency to work using a tablet!!). I can make huge improvements after some testing to see if it is useful. So each number is transferred manually into the charts (so don't erase anything thinking it will automatically updated.** The third page, percentage charts, will automatically update based on the entries from the very bottom of the first page. The last page will describe the setup used and any additional pictures of most spawned on areas.
  5. Got a little deeper into creating a spreadsheet, that should help break down the spawns automatically for you. Need help with the excel chart formulas. Anyone willing to help out?
  6. We need to try and put a land together in the Bham area. Who would be interested?
  7. Not sure if anyone remembers me but when I first came to the halo MLG halo scene I was the guy recording post game stats from H2 live event games. I always loved to break down the games and see not only who had the better plays but also who put that person into position to make those plays. As in who properly is positioning themselves to either be able to call out spawns or put shots just to funnel a couple players where you want. Controlling each aspect of halo is what makes you an all around player. Weapons and power ups are only part of this equation. Controlling positions to help dictate the respawn system are equally, if not more, important. If this interest you to figure out more about the respawns, and what exactly dictates each respawn then I encourage you to help me with some statistics. I need 4 people for the first trial. I believe this will take about an hour so if you can't remain in the game for its entirety then don't bother. Other requirements are that you can simply take instruction. I will be doing a write up about each map, with stats about respawn percentages. If interested message me here (preferable) or on xbl at NBK TwelveGage
  8. I think this is true. They already had one major installment. It will be after March before we see anything else change.
  9. Everyone needs to put a little more faith in this game. If you want halo esports to thrive then understand it is a process that doesn't happen over night. I believe the biggest thing this game is missing right now are more balanced maps, and with the strongest forge ever I doubt that will be a real issue.
  10. I've seen a lot of old names coming back to play this game. Now I hadn't played halo in 2 years or so these players could have been playing all along. I think it could speak volumes. I was watching Aces stream last night and he believes it will be a year before all the tricks/glitches/ meta strats are discovered.
  11. I gamed for like 8 hours last night. I need to wake up. Maybe go get a workout in before I get on. You gonna try andifferent play in the tourney tomorrow?
  12. Add me to the Bham area please. TwelveGageKikr. Anybody on right now?
  13. I just remember how bad H2 was when it first came out (triple beat downs to kill). The pre-updated version was annoying at times to play. In the short amount of time this game has been out, improvements have already been made. The game also has a lot of "secrets" to its competitive gameplay like in H2 (button combos and glitches). The one difference than in H2 is they seem more like combos than glitches. Meaning they were purposely implemented by the developers. I can see 343 is paying attention to more of the competitive community than the social; A promise they are holding true to. H5 is far from perfect but it has put it's name back in the hat to be considered in top tier esports.
  14. New to the team beyond forums. But they remind me so much of the OG MLG forums. Glad to see the "originals" never go away. Just goes to show halo never dies and our dark ages are coming to a close. I think this 2016 has a lot to offer in the halo realm. I hope everyone is happy with the product that 343 is continually trying to improve upon.

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