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  1. Probably same reason you do. Has something to do with being human I believe.
  2. Seeing as I've seen 6 or 7 different lagouts, I just don't see this as the case. H5 servers most definitely have problems. I can play any other game besides halo and not lag our at all.
  3. 343!! THE SERVERS!! THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!! Everyone is lagging out. Not a correct representation of the final results. Almost like they have been tainted in some way for this qualifier.
  4. eg just had a player lag out at 48 to 42. Let's see how this plays out.
  5. Kids didn't get any sleep, wondering about all these team changes, and now are suffering extremely from sleep deprivation.
  6. So am I the only one that noticed how many more teams have signed up for this tourney. Just about everyone has a first round
  7. I'm sure there are one or two, but that would be it. Most of the competitive players switched to a scuf right before h5. It became whatdan a majority before elite even came out. The elite seems to have more durability, which will eventually turn into more players using them. As of now though, I believe most players are still using scufs.
  8. 1-16. Can some one help me identify the teams we know are 100%. I'm going to start a list and post as soon as we have everything organized.
  9. Someone should start a poll for who wins today. That way the casters can have more content to discuss. "The crowd favorite for this qualifier is..."
  10. Good luck to all the teams/players today! Can't wait to see who plays it out for top 8. Anyone else hope to see some old names like T2 or FIS make a splash for larger point totals?
  11. I'm just saying.. What if a team can get you to leave current team for said amount of dollars. Wouldn't it be far to know how your fellow teammate got stolen?
  12. Does anyone else think it should be public knowledge what orgs are paying players?
  13. Shout out to the fact there are 2,500 people currently using this site. Higher numbers than I've seen since joining this site a couple months ago.
  14. Stats can only go as deep as this. Higher k/ds mean winning more 1v1 battles. I would say that is important, but if a person has a lower k/d running objective PROPERLY. (Maintaining appropriate areas of the map, controlling spawn areas , ect) Gameplay trumps all. You can see who is getting out shot easily if that is a concern.
  15. Deeper than money to some, but not all. Europe is waking up right now wondering why their mind got blown. How many teams will this touch? Now it is fairly apparent the teams we see at XGAMES will not be the same as live qualifiers.
  16. Thank you for this! Might be one of the strongest games we ve seen on this map.
  17. Yes but they don't care about that compared to the points they missed out on. Probably would have given them a bump or 2 in their seed.
  18. Erik said the way you probably should have played it. They were all bunched up in yellow and they knew it. Erik wanted to wait to pick the snipe because it was about to spawn and you guys had the lead. Live and learn. Atleast this wasn't for the money. I bet you guys never force a final kill in a game 5 finals again, so I'd say it is for the better. Keep grinding EG. You know where you guys belong.

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