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  1. So does anyone know where we can see all the teams that have registered? Or is there still no way to view it.
  2. I know but that is kinda the point. I can see T2 trolling people like that.
  3. I'm just sayin'... Can we get a "Rayyype!" by Tom Taylor just once this weekend. If you do not know what I am referring to, then you are not OG enough!
  4. So how big of a deal is it to have a pokemon go trainer club account?? Am i just going to be missing out on free pokemon codes. Or will future features like trading ect on be available through signing up for the trainer club and not google? Need help!! Already level 16 and dont want to have to restart unless completely necessary!
  5. So lets get some discussion going on how to build the best gyms? Any gpod ideas?
  6. And by no means am I trying to say Lunchbox or anyone else isn't capable. Just throwing out some food for thought.
  7. The Finals are a live event yes? Sometimes an OG squad is always the best option.
  8. I understand that but there will come a time where Lunchbox could retire or they both will. Roy Snipedown Naded and Ogre 2 have all respectfully been the "slayer" at some point in their career. I promise they still have the ability, just maybe not the consistency to maintain from tourney to tourney. So win one, lose one.
  9. So Naded isn't retired so who do you think we will see him running games with. It feels like Ogre would play again if it was the right team. Roy, Snipedown, Ogre 2, Naded with Lunchbox as coach. If anyone remembers when the old 5K used to be called Mini-Boss, just sounds like a good fit. (To me) would be the only team that would be Perdicted to beat CLG. Now them actually winning is completely different. Tell me that wouldn't be the best OG squad available.
  10. Fairly certain there will be a roster lock period still. Probably wrong though, but that's how it would have worked in the old days.
  11. He has let me run with him a time or two rescently. He is pretty good, he has a descent amount of gameplay yet never tried to team.
  12. Can anyone link me to the fight between sud 1 and 2 that went down a couple months ago
  13. I think I had a popular team sig thread on the old MLG forums. No telling how many of those things I had saved
  14. I feel like they shoull have picked sone of the bigger plays for ESPN. not sure what the thought process was on that one
  15. Heard that. Had it recorded and watched. Still didn't see it. Must have not been on Espn1 because the basketball game ran 20 minutes late.
  16. So is it just me or is everyone waiting around to see if we get featured on ESPN again?
  17. Bravo "Me and Walshy were talking about has there ever been some one to come back from a 3-0." Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Carbon come back on Final Boss one time in a best of 11 down 5-1? Old heads only. This would have been 04 or 05
  18. Just so everyone is aware so we can have as much support as possible, ESPN will be featuring HCS at 8:30 eastern time. Make sure to tuse into ESPN and twitch then!

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