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  1. Any type of knowledge usually creates more and more skill gaps. It’s all the little nuances that people execute better. To me halo 5 was made with the idea of making it easier and more “approachable”. That in itself is what made all the Og halos different to me, the weapon glitches of h2, learning respawn bubbles in h1, h3 had..something I’m sure
  2. I think this should show how MLG should take the grand finals back to an continuation series if the loser bracket team wins the first series. TOX wins in overall games won 9-8. Game 3 and 4 had no importance after splyce mentally decided to “reset”.
  3. I’ve looked forward for the last 3 months for this crap ass wannabe announcement. Literally was thinking the graphic quality and how the environment interacted was sub par and all of a sudden it’s Halo. Then spent another 2 hours thinking there is no way that is all the Halo news we get. Seriously pathetic. My dick put in more work before puberty than 343.
  4. I’m in. I hope we can end up with a good turnout. Can we possibly set up a list of players interested and/or attending.
  5. I do remember a post from someone at 343 saying the auto aim was dialed down one notch during the beta. If auto aim is a 4 now, it was a 3 during the beta. And yes I understand there are a lot more mechanics to aiming than just the magnetism.
  6. Was that the series every game was decided by 2 or 3 kills. Was very fun to watch
  7. So how about that rank reset? Anyone know. "This week" is slipping away.
  8. They did make the price of h5 $14.99 through the new year. Probably will account for a higher population. + all the kids that got the X for christmas that could have been playstation before.
  9. For someone that left the scene when mlg was on the way out, I'm very happy to say WE BACK! Now where is Gilbert Arenas to sponsor gamebattles for the first competition.
  10. Been apart of this forum community since 05 on the mlgpro days. I would expect nothing less and honestly would kinda be disappointed for anything less. I was wrong to not read his post fully to understand. I deserve the roast.
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